The Saturday Oreo: If I Were A Backlist Reader, Which Authors Would Be On My TBR? 

Hi! This is another idea that I thought could be an original post and that is from my positivity notebook. My positivity notebook has a ten positive things list for each day and sometimes people, situations, and places. There’s some travel journal entries to use for my stories set in Jamaica in there, and every day since I watched a New Age Creators video in July about writing happy things from the day and how that made the person happier and I decided to try it out as a self care technique and it’s been really helpful. 

Example: 10 Positive Things About 24 September is probably going to be written in my notebook tonight and then the ten positive things about today or it was done yesterday, 23 September. I force ten because I think it makes me search for the positive things and see them easier moving forward. Sometimes I’ll do a bonus and add extra if I can come up with any and it makes me happy. 


  1. John Corey Whaley—Highly Illogical Behavior was powerful, beautiful, and funny! My next would be Noggin. 
  2. Andrew Smith—Grasshopper Jungle and Stand-Off would be next. 
  3. Shaun David Hutchinson—seems to write about the intersection of mental illness and queerness a lot and just a bit overdue. I’d read his two books that are out that everyone has raved about. 
  4. A. S. King. I actually started reading backlist for this author. I have gotten through Glory, I Crawl Through It, and Ask The Passengers. All are excellent but I need Please Ignor Vera Dietz before Still Life with Tornado (11 October 16) comes out of that were possible.
  5. All the Morris debut award winners that are #ownvoices.  Can’t be that many of those. 
  6. Dahlia Adler because she’s so funny. The one I’d read is Just Visiting. 
  7. Nina LaCour because you know how positively ELTY affected me. The next one would be You Know Me Well. 
  8. David Levithan because I’ve liked what I’ve read. Next: Hold Me Closer and Boy Meets Boy. 
  9. Victoria Schwab: not really backlist but AGOS. 
  10. Patrick Ness: He’s very talented as a writer and his work is original and beautiful. He definitely sets a standard for good reading. I’d read the Chaos Walking trilogy. 

All right, that’s enough for today. Whose back list would you devour??? Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! 

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Love My Ears 

In poem form. Credit for this TTT goes to The Broke and The Bookish. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear the sounds of 

Rapid fire Spanish spill out of the mouth of a man that sometimes feels less than 

But doesn’t realise that the words spilling out of his mouth are done so 

In an art form so complete it shivers underneath my skin like the sudden autumn chill after a warm summer except it feels good. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear the little kids feeling young 

Their whoops of joy and triumph as I push them into space and 

Call them space princes and princesses and they fly and I imagine that we are connected 

I imagine that 

We are all floating together but they float higher and freer 

Than me. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear my friends tell their snarky  jokes and smile. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear the precious accents of my online friends whether through a phone call or a video chat and feel soothed. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear the night sounds

The crickets 

The cars

The Jamaican dad screaming “Taneisha!!!” 

The cat mewling as I give him part of my beef patty and my too salty eggs and plantain in the morning. 

I love my ears because 

I can hear music and I can hear what puts my heart back together and makes it want to beat again. 

The Saturday Oreo: What have I learned over the summer?

  • So. Today is technically the last Saturday of summer or at least before the autumnal equinox since obviously not a holiday break.  I started this as an entry in my first positivity notebook/travel journal because I saw a commercial for the Brooklyn Public Library that said kids lost a months worth of learning so this was me recalling what I had learner up to that point (14 Aug 16) I have learned more since then.
  •  The Jamaican educational system 
  • How Jamaican immigrants have been affected by American racism. 
  • How stopping learning the way of things in your field for a brief amount of time can help you do something extraordinary and unprecedented and originally you within said field, no matter how small. 
  • How success can be failure and how failure can be success (how societal systems steal creativity and are working rather than failing) 
  • The  possibilities off my phone rather than on it. 
  • The life of Marina of Marina and The Diamonds. 
  • The Other + Othering, sociology in regards to the use of the word diverse in the book world. (CW)
  • The fluidity of gender and in human beings
  • iO Tiller Wright’s life, his project of Self Evident.
  • Why a planner might not work for some people and finding planner peace 
  • A way of maintaining motivation throughout the school year 
  • How teenagers are affected by adults disrespecting the validity of their ideas and intelligence 
  • Cass Audrey 
  • How to get lost in learning people 
  • How to self care 
  • NYC again and Kingston and the lands in Jamaica which I loved  
  • What life was like for young QWOC from Audre Lorde. 
  • Some of my family history that I didn’t know before. 
  • How beautiful the stars look with the lack of light pollution. 
  • What it’s like to have finished a manuscript 
  • To not give up vulnerability, feeling, and emotion because of bad experiences with people. It closes me off, limits me, whilst giving power to a person who isn’t deserving of it or even asking for it. 
  • How to budget 
  • How to be productive again 
  • How to leave parts of yourself behind and really allow yourself to start fresh 
  • How to put down the phone and be comfortable going the majority of the day without looking at my phone. 
  • How to use technology to further productivity rather than inhibit it. 
  • How good it feels to read books without interpretation.  
  • To not let myself be trapped in the mediocre existence of social cues anymore. 
  • To love and enjoy being in the moment and face fears and take risks I wouldn’t have otherwise a few years ago with the encouragement of others but also stand firm with my boundaries without feeling ashamed. 
  • What it’s like to see your first theatre show.
  • How philosophical it is to be thousands of feet in the air. 
  • To truly hear and breathe and sew and live in every moment. 
  • How to be less scared to share my work. 
  • To want to seek out things to learn and be young and full of wonder. 

    What have you learned this summer? 

    Summer Olympics Book Tag 

    This was originally created by Shannon

    I was not tagged but discovered this from Joey sometime during August and I actually wrote it, like handwritten draft in August.  But the way that my blogging schedule is set up, I didn’t have space for it until this week. The same thing is happening to a post I want to do about what I learned this summer which I am still going to post because it’s always good to share what you learn, so some people can get something out of it. It’s a list but included some Ted Talks I want to share whether you watch or not, someone might watch or listen and it could teach them something interesting and that’s honestly what matters most. 

    I do a pattern that goes sort of like 2-3-2-3 or 3-2-3-2. I alternate it according to my feels. The majority of the posts this month and a few discussion posts into next month are from August/early September before labor day weekend or at least the ideas/drafts (especially for discussion posts). It’s such a life saver to schedule in advance. I highly recommend it—doing whatever important project you have before its due, long before if you can, or at least starting it if the due date isn’t definitive. It will help you out. Anyway, this is a tag not a discussion post on why you need to spend your free time doing the thing so let’s move forward. 

     Opening Ceremony: a book you loved from the first page—Made You Up by Francesca Zappia. “If I was good at the grocery store, I got a Yoo-hoo. If I was really good, I got to see the lobsters.” 

    Cycling: favorite road trip book-—Mosquitoland by David Arnold. It’s really powerful, beautiful, and it was original and not trite for me. 

    Triathlon: a book with a good love triangle—Radu, Mehmed, and Lada. 

    It doesn’t feel like a love triangle to me because it seems so much more authentic and full of anguish. It’s more one falls in love with someone who cannot love them back as far as they know and feels honest pain because it’s not a love they can deny because they feel this need to be by their beloved’s side. Mehmed could potentially be into the both of them and seems to love one of them back in a deep, raw way as well although it may be less painful for him and Lada and Radu are siblings and Lada is more viable for Mehmed. 

    Handball: a book you didn’t really get 

    Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. *Cue the horrified gasps of the readers who loved this book and the text messages in all CAPS.* I know a lot of people loved this book, if only for its prose, but even being close to being done, I DNF’d. 

    I don’t necessarily deny the power or the beauty of the book but sometimes although I like to think I love original, weird YA—and for the most part I usually do, all the recs please—there are a few that are or were just too much for me and this was one of them. 

    Beach Volleyball: a book set in the summer

    The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter 

    Fencing: a book with fighting 

    Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. 

    Gymnastics: a book with plot twists 

    And I Darken by Kiersten White. Lists Inc by Paula Stokes. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. 

    Swimming: a book that made you sob

    I don’t tend to sob at books but a book that definitely made me feel was The Upside Of Unrequited and okay, get teary. 

    Golf: a slow paced book 

    Gabi, A Girl In Pieces—still loves it though and kept wanting to read. 

    Trampoline: a childhood favorite. 

    The Junie B. Jones series. It was so funny and really got me into my love for reading. My first chapter books that I read by myself and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series because that was funny. 

    Equestrian: a book featuring animals 

    Simon Vs. 

    Hurdles: a book you struggled to finish 

    Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. There were parts that were beautiful and I liked the art but about halfway through, I had to stop because the writing was too much for me. I enjoyed it when I was younger  and there’s lots of witty and hits the heart but a lot of the writing is much older and beyond YA. This book is much more suited for adults. Not NA but the general adult population. This book is an example of what we’re talking about when books are including teens but not targeting teens, to get the adults to buy and approve, forgetting about teens completely. 

    Synchronised Swimming: a book with a great friendship

    James and the MC of Kerry Kletter’s debut. Lada and Bogdan from AND I DARKEN. miles and the shoal school club: Theo, the twins, and Alexandra. Great group. Loved them so, so much. 

    All right, I tag anyone who is like me and would do a summer tag in what most would consider fall although technically fall doesn’t start until 21 September and when you’re reading this, it will still technically be summer even though by now it should be fall semester for everyone and everyone should be off of summer holiday by now who goes to school and all of the world and its mother is screaming about Halloween and sweater weather and fall candles and everything fall oriented as soon as it hits the first of September or the day after labor day weekend. 

    Anyway, it’s still technically summer, at least on this side of the world, even though it doesn’t feel like it, so if you’re a weirdo like me, I tag you to give it a try and did you watch the Paralympics/are you watching? I actually discovered it just this year so I’m going to try to catch a few events this year round even though it unfortunately isn’t treated as as big of a deal as the Olympics with able bodied people but I think it will be cool. 

    Okay, enough rambling. Bye, see you this Saturday for another discussion post! 

    (We are on a roll!!! *shows a picture of you and I smiling while standing on top of an actual, big, bread roll* )

    Top Ten Tuesday: All-Timers Of The Original Contemporaries 

    Hiii, it’s Tuesday again! Hopefully your mondays were full of motivation and productivity. I hope mine was, but I don’t know yet because I’m coming to you from the PAAAAST. Oooh, time travel!!! Future me should have their act together, though, and all I have to say to that is a deep breath and a warrior cry that resembles the word finally. 

    I used original contemporaries for books that were original to me and were fresh, and may be associated with subtopics/little Goodreads tags like surrealist fiction or YA literary fiction or unrealistic narrator, etc!

    I don’t know whether or not to explain. I want to, partially so you can see the effort in this but I also don’t want to explain them to sort of leave the mystery hanging and sometimes, a book is so good that I want the reader to discover it for themselves because there’s nothing greater than the feeling of happening upon greatness when you least expect it. I’m conflicted, I think I’ll go with the latter and just put little taglines or vague blurbs. So you get a whiff of the greatness without being spoiled of the surprise. Some of these books I’ve tried but failed to review because I can’t properly articulate how much these books mean, the profoundness of their impact or just the pulchritude in each word. Yes, there will be a glossary at the end of this post (joking). 

    1. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia: To never be forgotten. 

    2. Nic, if you’re reading this, the first book I ever read by you goes in this slot because life-changers belong here. ( read books written by Nic Stone! First up: Dear Martin!) 

    3. Highly Illogical Behavior: Current, fresh, and full of youth and honesty. Check out my mini-review!

    4-6. NOT CONTEMP BUT STILL: The Legend trilogy: A page turning, thrilling series full of love, awesomeness, and something that joins people together. 

    Side story: I recommended Legend to my best friend and he flew through that series when it usually takes him months to read even one book even though he likes reading and I think it’s gotten him reading more and I’m really happy about it. We had so much fun bonding over the series. And I also got another one of our friends to read it and we all just freaked out over it together. So yeah, if you have any friends or family that are reluctant readers or like reading but don’t tend to find much they are really into enough to be consistent with the hobby, I highly recommend the series. 

    7. I Crawl Through It by A.S. King: A fantastic book for high school students, especially seniors who like to read. It works for all students and is meant for according to the author, but high school in particular. It touched me. Made some art for it in December. 

    8. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness:  Poignant, real, imaginative. To be adapted into a movie adaptation between 23rd of December and 6th of January. 

    9. Fans Of The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa: Includes narratives not normally seen in a way that sears you in a way you can never forget. 

    10. The Truth Commission by Susan Juby: Artsy. Real. Funny. ‘It me’ material for teenage artists. 

    The Saturday Oreo: Book twitter exposure v. General health 

    ​Your first thought when looking at the title of this post might be how is this a question or argument? Your general health comes first, period. And you would be right. Honestly, though, this discussion isn’t about what is more important but about the fact that they clash and why I feel they do. *laughs* Let’s hope I can get that across in this little ramble. 
    Creating is important to me and although I don’t feel I necessarily share the same visions or goals for book blogging as I’ve noticed other, “bigger” bloggers have. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to share what I make with you any less and I feel the only way for people to know you exist at all is for you to be at least somewhat active on social media and making connections by supporting other creators, at least. There are no solid rules to being a blogger  but I personally want to share and be involved in twitter chats and meet new people who also create content and love books. If I wasn’t involved, I would have missed out on so much and there are so many great things about bookish twitter and the community as a whole. 
    However, sometimes “the diversity discussion” is quite draining as a marginalized individual. I think there are many important threads and things that have been said and I have learned and I an grateful for any who have learned from reading my threads, but I feel there are bloggers that really are just joining the conversation because an occurrence has happened with a book that makes them just now decide to ask questions and get involved in the discussion because now something has happened that’s important enough for them to care about it or want to be involved in it. 

     There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Asking questions is great, it’s how you learn and understand things and sometimes people. Anyone who talks to me for even ten minutes knows that I ask a lot of questions. 

    I guess what I mean by commenting on people asking questions is that the same questions tend to be asked and this discussion has been going on a long time and there have been plenty of opportunities for people to ask these questions beforehand? But I also think that’s impatient of me, and that it’s great to ask questions because again learning and it can lead to great discussions and more people than the asker can learn and that’s great. I’m writing like I speak, which means I’m developing my thoughts and might contradict as I get this out, so please forgive and bear with me. (Stay tuned for a future discussion on contradicting opinions)

    Because of this, some misspeak and are uneducated on these issues. They write thoughtless, cruel posts or say really ignorant things. Some with arrogance and then playing the victim when they’re actually called out. 
    Being the imperfect human that I am, I do not really have the patience for the nonsense a majority of the time. Especially as someone actually interested and willing to listen and do the work, I find it harder to make room for those who don’t really care about the issue beyond thinking of it as a trend or a petty thing that ruins their bubble of ignorance. 

    The repetitive hurtful histrionics feels a bit elementary. I’m simply not as patient as I wish and work to be and this usually affects me personally and drains my energy. 

    I think this term, I’m going to avoid going in my TL as often and I’ve been working on limiting/lessening my interactions without disappearing completely and I’ll definitely speak but rather than waste my words on deaf ears—I’m aiming to write and art it out more which feels more productive. I feel like I’m going to try to take at least one week or two week breaks where I just limit my time as much as possible to DM or weekly twitter chats. I think alternating like that will help me avoid the draining parts of being in the book community. 

    It’s a complex balance for me. I don’t want to avoid reality of the book community or the community itself but it’s repetitive and draining and not healthy and sometimes my heads spinning or I’m overwhelmed or become frightened by the sudden increase of interactions. Irrationally so, because it usually tend to be positive or things I’ve put out before to be responded to or something. 

    But I think irrationality is sometimes a a way of our brains communicating to us that it’s time to take a little or long break. Or at least that’s one of the more important things I learned this summer out of the long list of things. 

    What do you think about bookish social media? How does it make you feel? Does it have  more of a positive or negative impact on you? Feel free to either comment or just reflect because a little thinking to ourselves about something in silence and evaluating situations is never a bad thing. It’s a way to evolve and become stronger, better, and sometimes more productive beings. 

    Top Ten Tuesday: In Honor Of How To Get Away With Murder 

    ​In honor of fall TV, I’m doing an HTGAWM-inspired Top Ten Tuesday. As always, Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme by The Broke and The Bookish. 
    While listening to Drive by Halsey, I’m going to give you ten different things that will make you either feel, be thrilled and take your breath away, or make you think. Maybe all three because that’s the effect HTGAWM—How To Get Away With Murder—has on me. The script is amazing, the actors are as well, the music infused into it, and everything and everyone involved in making a visual story powerful and something that touches you in one way or another. So without further ado: 
    1. Control by Halsey: a song that makes one feel and think about their actions and life—and maybe someone they love. 
    2. CLOUD ATLAS!!!! (2012 movie) so good. So powerful. So gooooood. 
    3. Holiest by Glass Animals 
    4. The Upside Of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. 
    5. Every word written by Nic Stone (This is just another excuse for me to drill the words, “I MUST PRE-ORDER DEAR MARTIN” into your mind.)
    6. If I Stay, the movie. 
    7. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Movie out this October!!!
    8. The very underrated but previously hyped: Made You Up by Francesca Zappia. As beautiful and powerful on the inside as it is on the outside. 
    9. Ease by Troye Sivan ft. Broods. This is a song that touched me deep. 
    10. Send My Love To Your New Lover by Adele. If you don’t feel chills from listening to this for the first time, I don’t know what to tell you. 
    Bonus: just a YouTube video I liked. not my absolute fave but hey. 


    All right, so that’s just a few. Very few. Of the things that make me feel or have brought me some sort of thrill. What are some things that make you feel?