Top Ten Tuesday: What I’m Grateful For 

1. My new friends, I should really say family.

2. my experience in the fall show I performed in  

3. Art supplies and my ability to come up with amazing ideas.

4. God. 

5. Being able to read back my  positivity lists. 

6. the feeling of creating because it’s beautiful  

7. quiet mornings and quiet moments or just normal moments with people I care about: playing with my friend’s hair while she watches something or works on something and when she looks at me when I’ve done it, quietly not because she’s bothered just to look and make eye contact and everything’s just peaceful and she’s happy. (Black people hair is the best hair, seriously.)

8. Hugs from friends and their smiles. Their smiles make me grin just thinking about it and not seeing it right now. I just love seeing people happy. 

9. The way someone looks at you when they love you and how it feels when someone speaks to you when they love you and you have a moment when you can just feel like everything is okay even in a day or time that is not okay at all. 

10. The voice of Christina. Her voice is so beautiful that it, like, awes my ears and immediately makes me happy and feel better.

Bonus: 11. Nic’s existence. we can’t do without that, now can we. 

how could you have 


go to @getnicced on twitter and instagram to be blessed with intelligence and wit and cute kids and @booklookz on instagram to feel blessed with the most extravagant beauty in this world’s existence 

I’m not even exaggerating but you thought I was didn’t you 

Now you can just go 

I’m grateful for you too 


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