The Saturday Oreo: If I Were A Backlist Reader, Which Authors Would Be On My TBR? 

Hi! This is another idea that I thought could be an original post and that is from my positivity notebook. My positivity notebook has a ten positive things list for each day and sometimes people, situations, and places. There’s some travel journal entries to use for my stories set in Jamaica in there, and every day since I watched a New Age Creators video in July about writing happy things from the day and how that made the person happier and I decided to try it out as a self care technique and it’s been really helpful. 

Example: 10 Positive Things About 24 September is probably going to be written in my notebook tonight and then the ten positive things about today or it was done yesterday, 23 September. I force ten because I think it makes me search for the positive things and see them easier moving forward. Sometimes I’ll do a bonus and add extra if I can come up with any and it makes me happy. 


  1. John Corey Whaley—Highly Illogical Behavior was powerful, beautiful, and funny! My next would be Noggin. 
  2. Andrew Smith—Grasshopper Jungle and Stand-Off would be next. 
  3. Shaun David Hutchinson—seems to write about the intersection of mental illness and queerness a lot and just a bit overdue. I’d read his two books that are out that everyone has raved about. 
  4. A. S. King. I actually started reading backlist for this author. I have gotten through Glory, I Crawl Through It, and Ask The Passengers. All are excellent but I need Please Ignor Vera Dietz before Still Life with Tornado (11 October 16) comes out of that were possible.
  5. All the Morris debut award winners that are #ownvoices.  Can’t be that many of those. 
  6. Dahlia Adler because she’s so funny. The one I’d read is Just Visiting. 
  7. Nina LaCour because you know how positively ELTY affected me. The next one would be You Know Me Well. 
  8. David Levithan because I’ve liked what I’ve read. Next: Hold Me Closer and Boy Meets Boy. 
  9. Victoria Schwab: not really backlist but AGOS. 
  10. Patrick Ness: He’s very talented as a writer and his work is original and beautiful. He definitely sets a standard for good reading. I’d read the Chaos Walking trilogy. 

All right, that’s enough for today. Whose back list would you devour??? Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! 


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