The Saturday Oreo: What have I learned over the summer?

  • So. Today is technically the last Saturday of summer or at least before the autumnal equinox since obviously not a holiday break.  I started this as an entry in my first positivity notebook/travel journal because I saw a commercial for the Brooklyn Public Library that said kids lost a months worth of learning so this was me recalling what I had learner up to that point (14 Aug 16) I have learned more since then.
  •  The Jamaican educational system 
  • How Jamaican immigrants have been affected by American racism. 
  • How stopping learning the way of things in your field for a brief amount of time can help you do something extraordinary and unprecedented and originally you within said field, no matter how small. 
  • How success can be failure and how failure can be success (how societal systems steal creativity and are working rather than failing) 
  • The  possibilities off my phone rather than on it. 
  • The life of Marina of Marina and The Diamonds. 
  • The Other + Othering, sociology in regards to the use of the word diverse in the book world. (CW)
  • The fluidity of gender and in human beings
  • iO Tiller Wright’s life, his project of Self Evident.
  • Why a planner might not work for some people and finding planner peace 
  • A way of maintaining motivation throughout the school year 
  • How teenagers are affected by adults disrespecting the validity of their ideas and intelligence 
  • Cass Audrey 
  • How to get lost in learning people 
  • How to self care 
  • NYC again and Kingston and the lands in Jamaica which I loved  
  • What life was like for young QWOC from Audre Lorde. 
  • Some of my family history that I didn’t know before. 
  • How beautiful the stars look with the lack of light pollution. 
  • What it’s like to have finished a manuscript 
  • To not give up vulnerability, feeling, and emotion because of bad experiences with people. It closes me off, limits me, whilst giving power to a person who isn’t deserving of it or even asking for it. 
  • How to budget 
  • How to be productive again 
  • How to leave parts of yourself behind and really allow yourself to start fresh 
  • How to put down the phone and be comfortable going the majority of the day without looking at my phone. 
  • How to use technology to further productivity rather than inhibit it. 
  • How good it feels to read books without interpretation.  
  • To not let myself be trapped in the mediocre existence of social cues anymore. 
  • To love and enjoy being in the moment and face fears and take risks I wouldn’t have otherwise a few years ago with the encouragement of others but also stand firm with my boundaries without feeling ashamed. 
  • What it’s like to see your first theatre show.
  • How philosophical it is to be thousands of feet in the air. 
  • To truly hear and breathe and sew and live in every moment. 
  • How to be less scared to share my work. 
  • To want to seek out things to learn and be young and full of wonder. 

    What have you learned this summer? 


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