Top Ten Tuesday: All-Timers Of The Original Contemporaries 

Hiii, it’s Tuesday again! Hopefully your mondays were full of motivation and productivity. I hope mine was, but I don’t know yet because I’m coming to you from the PAAAAST. Oooh, time travel!!! Future me should have their act together, though, and all I have to say to that is a deep breath and a warrior cry that resembles the word finally. 

I used original contemporaries for books that were original to me and were fresh, and may be associated with subtopics/little Goodreads tags like surrealist fiction or YA literary fiction or unrealistic narrator, etc!

I don’t know whether or not to explain. I want to, partially so you can see the effort in this but I also don’t want to explain them to sort of leave the mystery hanging and sometimes, a book is so good that I want the reader to discover it for themselves because there’s nothing greater than the feeling of happening upon greatness when you least expect it. I’m conflicted, I think I’ll go with the latter and just put little taglines or vague blurbs. So you get a whiff of the greatness without being spoiled of the surprise. Some of these books I’ve tried but failed to review because I can’t properly articulate how much these books mean, the profoundness of their impact or just the pulchritude in each word. Yes, there will be a glossary at the end of this post (joking). 

1. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia: To never be forgotten. 

2. Nic, if you’re reading this, the first book I ever read by you goes in this slot because life-changers belong here. ( read books written by Nic Stone! First up: Dear Martin!) 

3. Highly Illogical Behavior: Current, fresh, and full of youth and honesty. Check out my mini-review!

4-6. NOT CONTEMP BUT STILL: The Legend trilogy: A page turning, thrilling series full of love, awesomeness, and something that joins people together. 

Side story: I recommended Legend to my best friend and he flew through that series when it usually takes him months to read even one book even though he likes reading and I think it’s gotten him reading more and I’m really happy about it. We had so much fun bonding over the series. And I also got another one of our friends to read it and we all just freaked out over it together. So yeah, if you have any friends or family that are reluctant readers or like reading but don’t tend to find much they are really into enough to be consistent with the hobby, I highly recommend the series. 

7. I Crawl Through It by A.S. King: A fantastic book for high school students, especially seniors who like to read. It works for all students and is meant for according to the author, but high school in particular. It touched me. Made some art for it in December. 

8. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness:  Poignant, real, imaginative. To be adapted into a movie adaptation between 23rd of December and 6th of January. 

9. Fans Of The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa: Includes narratives not normally seen in a way that sears you in a way you can never forget. 

10. The Truth Commission by Susan Juby: Artsy. Real. Funny. ‘It me’ material for teenage artists. 


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