The Saturday Oreo: Let’s All Get On The ‘Support Our Youth’ Train

This post is inspired by Camryn Garret’s Ageism, Black Twitter, and Teen Spaces and are just some of my thoughts that I needed to figure out so I wrote a discussion post. 

Why are adults afraid of the success of the youth? And if they are not afraid, then why do they discourage youth by telling them they cannot do things? Why do adults preach the sky is the limit but then correct teenagers when they have an inkling of success? They turn around and say, “Well, actually, your youth is your limit. Wait.” 

There is no reason for youth to be the limit when life is so short. There are people that die before their 18th birthday. In fact, I know of kids that died at the ages of 12 and 16, respectively, in the past year. So, older adults, what do you think, really, would be the point of younger adults and teenagers waiting until you are ready? 

Being told to wait instead of being told to work discourages new ideas. It discourages the creativity and curiosity that young people have to change our world and leads to the repetition of history rather than the changing of it. (The link leads to a Ted Talk which explains the concept of this paragraph in further, clearer detail and with research.) That is a waste of life, and more dangerously, opportunity and it is the older adults who stand in the way of change, that cause this wasting. 

I understand that change is frightening and threatening. I’m not a person who is fond of change, either. But will we be so afraid of change that we crush others with our fear? In Camryn’s wonderful post, she says now she is not as sure about going on with her magazine as she was before, this is not a direct quotation but from my memory. She might end up deciding not to go on with something so wonderful and amazing because of the harm these older adults did with their fear, and while I respect Camryn and whatever she decides to do, I’m still saddened. That sadness honestly has nothing to do with her, but more for the people like her who will miss out because of these adults. 

I’m personally not chasing success, but passion. I’m chasing passion and hoping to use that to get out of routine and up to the next level so I can impact someone, even one person, the positive way I have been impacted by participating in this community. I chase passion and drown in it and when something comes of it that could or would impact someone, I do not understand why that would be dishonored because of fear. 

Because of whatever number one might project my age to be. That is…ridiculous. Horrifying. Young people are not confined to numbers. Not like you were, older adults. We are limitless. If you’re going to say that young people can’t do things because you couldn’t at your age, you are wrong. Did you ever consider that we don’t have the same limits you had? Or that we have broken past them? Why is that so hard to believe when you can see it so clearly? Why do you stay in the prison when the door is so wide open? 

You know what? I don’t really know if this made any sense. All I really have to say is this: let’s let go of our self imposed barriers and our limitations of fear and melt together into our creative powers and create a light so brilliant, we are blinding. Let’s all be radical. Let’s all get on the ‘support our youth’ train. I’m sure we could all stand to be a little more free. 



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