Can we start over? An end to summer hiatus and wrap-up of sorts 

As you’ve probably noticed—or not noticed—my blogging has been inconsistent this summer and a little before that. 
What has happened? Have I lost my love for blogging? Is my heart just not into the blogosphere anymore? Blogs do come and go but if you are reading this and if you care, I am not going anywhere. 

I lost my motivation to do a lot of things and subconsciously, I decided that there was only so much I could do. Slowly, I stopped believing that the sky was the limit. Slowly, I stopped believing that the only limit was the limit that I created. I stopped. 

But by stopping doing what you love because of your lack of motivation, you stop living. You die. 
I died but then summer came and I started reading books without looking at my phone and social media and remembered the joy, the overwhelming emotions that come when you open bound pages and within the pages, the movements of your eyes from word to word, the beats of your heart—you become changed.

 I got a coloring book. I went through ends of relationships and began new ones, healthier ones. I travelled and lived in the moment. I learned so many things, so much that I’m actually hoping to make a post about all that I learned because we need to start getting those discussion posts rolling again. And there’s one coming up this Saturday actually. 

Okay. But what is my point? Doing things and making things, slowly I learned to live again. There’s one movie and one scene that sparks me back into motion: Cloud Atlas. 

“Tomorrow, life can begin afresh, afresh, afresh.” 

Tomorrow, I begin afresh and so does Oreos & Books. I have one question to ask you—are you ready? Are you ready for your life to begin afresh? And not just by reading this blog, although I hope you will, but are you ready for the next chance that comes your way that could change everything?  


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