Drink Him In: Oreos & Poetry

How are you doing lately, you guys?
Do you have someone you love? Like you really love them. But platonically? Yeah, me too. I’m continuing my small pride thing on this humble blog with a poem about my best friend and just taking moments to really absorb the world around you and absorb the moments with the people you love while you can. 🙂 I encourage you to totally do that with your folks if you can. And I don’t mean parents or your blood family, I mean the people in your life who make you feel like you matter. Like your life matters. This was inspired by a DM that didn’t send through to another friend of mine.


Drink Him In by your favourite enby

Do you ever just want to drink someone in?
Observe and take in all that you can
But it doesn’t have to be just beyond the skin?
Do you ever want to just drink someone in?
Or are you like people who would wait for the moment when they are no longer with you
And then wish wish wish that you could have one last look at them when they were more than bones and skin?

His dark skin glows
In the fluorescent lights and the natural light
His eyes are a brown that are comforting in their light
His smile goes from ear to ear
His endless wisecracks keep away my tears
He wears the same sweater almost every day and speaks with a stutter, and doesn’t care what’s gay

People would look at him and see parts of eczema touched skin on his face and hands.
But I see skin that’s

His hair is soft
Full of the truth
His hair is soft
Full of my youth
My fingers run through and write his
My fingers run through and erase all pain
All stress is quickly relieved
It is quiet, save for the teacher talking and the student answering and I do not care if people find me odd
I love him
And my fingers run through his hair because he is a gift and he’s precious
And silent actions or creations
Are the only way I can show my


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