Thursgays: Oreos & Poetry

So it’s Thursday and usually there’ll be another post here but why not more bad gay poetry because it’s June and I need all of my followers (Thank you, newbies) to be aware just how gay I am so that if they assumed I was straight, they won’t make that mistake again.

Thursgays by your fave bookish queer

There are
Two girls kissing on the edge of the street,
Obscured slightly in the shade of the trees.
And some would look and not care
And some would look and be surprised
And some would look and feel gross because their fear makes them incapable of seeing a truth
That there’s just love there and
Nothing else
But sometimes people like me see hope
Because the amount of people like me seem to increase in my area as I grow
And nothing makes me happier because even on the darkest days,
There are always the queer girls
Their joke, their noise, their clothes that detail who they are taking up space wonderfully
And then I feel like I’m never alone
Like maybe just maybe
Have a home.


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