New York Public: Oreos & Poetry

I write amazing poems but these poems that I’m posting this month are just going to be lighthearted, queer, and free. Nothing like my real work but queer poetry is fun.
Enjoy. 🙂 (or don’t, that’s okay)

New York Public by one of your fave bookish queers

is a place where we love to
We complain about the fact that we are being educated and that we are still there and I was not a big fan until I realised that there are things that I love and will miss this summer

I will miss the wisecracking lesbians and bi girls
The girl that walks like she owns the world and always found the opportunity to joke about being queer and we would laugh

The snapbacks, the cool clothing and haircuts, the automatic bonding.
I will miss seeing these girls own the hallways

I will miss a girl who was brave enough to give a speech about being a black Muslim and not wearing the hijab
Because of harassment in younger years
Who has the prettiest name and the prettiest hair
And opened my eyes

I will miss the boys, my friends,
Endless roughhousing
Puns and wisecracks every second that had me laughing, snickering, or high fiving every day
The moving around the room busily playing without care.
Running through the halls like I still felt young
Like I could be innocent again
Like I could heal
Like I could want to live
Like I.

The memories made

There’s bad AC and it can be so hot
It can be annoying, too,
But I can’t deny I’m fortunate to be a queer with a queer library and people that just love me and
make me laugh when I think I can’t laugh


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