{Music Monday} WILD by Troye Sivan

6 June, WILD by Troye Sivan

Wild by Troye Sivan.png

Picture credits to Wiki/Google

‘Leave this blue neighbourhood,

Never knew loving could hurt this god, oh,

And it drives me wild



This feels like a mandatory way to start off the summer and the Oreos & Books pride month. Nearly a year ago, a friend introduced me to Troye Sivan and Troye Sivan means so much to me. He is a queer artist who shamelessly writes, sings, and performs love songs about boys and I think that although it shouldn’t be groundbreaking, it is fairly new in music from an artist/musician who started off already well known by millions. Troye’s songs are important to me because of accurate queer representation in media. It combats the message that is usually sent to queer teens: that they are shameful and gross. Instead, it gives a message that can quite frankly save lives by teens actually having something and someone prominent in the media who they can relate to. Troye pays no mind to society’s notions and is fearlessly himself in a society chock full of stigma and bigotry in a way that is beautiful, creative, and badass.


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