This should have been posted 10 May 16, fail, at least I did something on Twitter:

One Year ago today, I was discussing names with Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome about choosing blog names and I created this account on WordPress at about 09:30-10:12. I truly can’t believe that I have already owned a book blog for a year. This blog has been through periods of silence because of school and other projects. (I’ve been missing because I’ve been reading the same book for school and the SST.) It has made my day multiple times because of the positive responses to posts I have posted where my Twitter notifications that have blown up. It has led to the making of great friends and connections which I cherish dearly.

I an grateful for the texts/messages from friends, colleagues, and retweets of my blog posts. I’m grateful for the ones that look at every post or visit regularly—looking at you, Stoney, and you too, Michael, as you claim. I don’t what I would do without you guys. Thank you for all your sweet comments, witty remarks, and beautiful blog posts and powerful personal essays.

I’m so, so grateful for all of you who contribute to the progress of our world—the book world, online and off as a whole. I look forward to another year of blogging and supporting as many book professionals as I possibly can.

Thank you to:
Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts
Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome
Cait @ Paper Fury
Nori @ Read Write Love 28
Cat @ Let The Page Reigns
Summer @ Xingsings
Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Bookd
Evi @ Adventuring Through The Pages
Miguel @ The Quirky Reader
Nicole Brinkley @ YA Interrobang
Mark O Brien
Nita Tyndall
Vee @ The Gay YA
New blogger followers!!!

Thank you to all the authors/writers, but especially:

Becky Albertalli
Adam Silvera
David Arnold
Jasmine Warga
Tristina Wright
Chelsea M. Cameron
Sara Raasch
Sara Farizan
Justina Ireland
The mysterious @gildedspine
Heidi Heilig
Mindy McGinnis
Jeff Zentner
Nic Stone (Stoney)
Brie Spangler
Chasia Lloyd
Nita Tyndall
Victoria Schwab
Camryn Garret
Dahlia Adler
Jordan Villegas whose writing has changed my life
The many that I’ll miss who advocate for our community or whose work has benefitted me in some way or have sent me nice things in the mail or will

Thank you to book professionals, all book professionals who better our community but especially:

Brooks Sherman
Beth Phelan
Jenny Bent
Margot Wood
All and every single one that has helped in the advancement of marginalized literature for young adults everywhere

My favorite things about blogging is/are:
Supporting others and nice comments that people give me.
Networking and SWAG—I love book merchandise, it’s amazing but especially free because people like you and want you to have it!

This stares as a personal project and became so much more, thank you all for that. What have I done from last May to this one, you ask?

  • Read manuscripts and joined the sensitivity reader database
    Got a ton of swag
    Met Margot Wood, Adam Silvera, Brooks Sherman, Alexander London, Becky Albertalli, and David Arnold.
    So much networking, offers galore!
    Read books
    Joined multiple street teams including SUNDAY STREET TEAM
    Got included in the acknowledgements of Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch
    Hit the 100 follower mark, I’m close to 150 at this point.
    Twitter chats with people! Becoming awesome at jumping in late.
    Gained a better understanding of the book world and how this all works
    Felt the love from y’all.
    Pen paled
    Buddy read an ARC of Fans with someone in 24 hours for both of us and we are 12 hours apart.
    Post cards from Italy and somewhere else in the USA
    Making friends with authors who actually consider me their friend, like the exchange of actual personal info, FANPERSONING ensues.
    Spent hours of blogging and used multiple notebooks up
    Became friends with people I really admire: Vee, M.
    Finally came out
    Heartfelt messages in person from people and online!!! ADAAAAAAM, I’m still reeling and it was almost two months ago. It was so sweet. Have you pre-ordered his next book yet by the way? Have you bought the paperback? Why not? If I like you, maybe I’ll buy you a copy.
  • I may be tweeting about a giveaway soon, so you can celebrate with me! One free pre-order of your choice and a handmade macrame bracelet with your name as the beads that will be international. I’ll post on here when it’s live. I will be working hard on next month’s posts so you may not see too much of me around here for a little while. 🙂




  1. Parenthetical (Sass) says:

    I’m so late to the party but congratulations on hitting the year mark! You’re amazing and I can’t wait to see how much farther you go in the next year.

    Liked by 1 person

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