March + April Wrap-up

I didn’t do one last month, I just didn’t feel like it because of a lack of motivation and getting into blogging for real, for real? but it’s kind of necessary, I guess? So, we’re going to do our best to sort of mash it up; concisely.

March+ April

These were interesting months! I can’t believe it’s May already.

In March, I…
-met one of my favorite people in the world, Michael. He’s a wonderful friend, and really interesting in person. He’s really alive in a way that I’m not and sweet and he literally GLOWS. I’ve admired this person for a while, he’s so adorable in person, gave me a hug, and he glowed in multiple ways and it’s just great to meet someone who’s been there for you in person. I hope you’ll register for Blogbound Con if you live in the Tri-State area, it’s free, and he’s doing his first panel so I hope if you can, you’ll go and support, you can find out more about the FREE convention and M here:

I might do a recap eventually, months later, of the event I met him at, I wrote a long thing about it while I remembered everything clearly. But I’ll start briefly now. It was my first time going to a book festival and I definitely will go back next year. It felt like home. It had the atmosphere of open mindedness and us all sort of vibing together. After I got over the blinding ness of the lack of people of color that attended, it was an amazing event! The authors read and gave personal stories which really changed my life, good music, seeing Becky and Adam again and them saying nice things and me giving Becky a painting. It was great, and oh, I met Camryn which was nice. 🙂

-I made art! I can’t show you, though, because it’s part of Michael’s graduation present and it’s fan art for something that’s not posted online, but if he’s all right with it, I’ll probably show like faraway pictures of it (so you can’t read the words) in June! It was all really beautiful, I was impressed, as we’re those I showed which is a good sign.

-I’ve been in a reading slump and haven’t been able to finish things. 😦
But I finished TWO BOOKS and reviewed them! Yay!:

-listened to gospel music, I think

March Open YA Mic
I haven’t kept track of links. 😦 but check out anything from and!

-Stoney made a website, she’s like a real author now, I’m so proud of her. go look at it, she’s beautiful and so is the website. CLICK. CLICK HERE. NOW. PLEASE.

In April I…

-got offered an internshiiiiiiiippppppp!

-made art, can share some soon! Might start making separate posts!

-received swag!!!:

-started things- The Rest Of Us Just Live Here!

-felt better about blogging and life and made so many thank you letters which are going out shortly.

-haven’t finished ANYTHING.

-lots of studying

-cousin got engaged! I went to the party and talked to people and they said nice things to me

-gospel again? And I heard a song called Me Myself & I and I really like it.

April YA Open Mic, I support anything he breathes, automatically.

-Have you checked out Nita Tyndall yet?

-Anything on The Quirky Reader, period.
-Same goes for JOEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY, you guys don’t understand how much I love this blog. You really don’t.

Here is to a better wrap-up next month YEAAAAAH!



“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”- Margaret Fuller
This person is aaaaaaa

Book blogger, book lion, beta/sensitivity reader, supporter of people, over thinker, writer, “social justice warrior that will eat you alive”, artist, lover with no limits, and dubbed a “volunteer publicist” by Summer @ xingsings. I eat, sleep, and *breathe* my passion.

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