Ten Book Blogs That Bring Me Joy + Possible Laughter

I decided to switch it up a little this week. Why do books when I could do book blogs? See, it’s even better because you get to find new blogs or check out the ones I keep mentioning and see what my fuss is all about. Please check out the lovely book blogs, particularly the first two as well as BN Teens! Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Thoughts & Afterthoughts: When I say I love this blog, I mean I LOOOOOOOVE it. Joey is EVERYTHING. He’s one of the coolest bloggers in my opinion as well as the snarkiest/funniest. His Top Ten Tuesday’s are usually pretty creative, so that’s where you’re going first after you’re done here.

Paper Fury: Cait‘s energy is just so adorable and always makes me smile. She’s seriously high energy especially for a veteran blogger. Her posts always seem novel and refreshing and if you’re sad, her blogging voice is the perfect pick me up. I wish we could be close friends because she is soooo amazing.

The Quirky Reader: THIS BLOOOG. It is deep and really makes me think. The pictures and graphics are always really creative and beautiful.  This is one of the first blogs I followed and really love. It’s fresh off hiatus so you should go check Miguel out.

Keionda Hearts Books : I haven’t been to this blog in a minute but it always made me chuckle.

Drizzle and Hurricane Books: Marie has a fun spirit especially when it comes to talking about writing.

Dancing Through The Pages: Just check it out.

Adventuring Through The Pages: Just click the link. I LOVE Evi!

Deadly Darlings: The snark of Aimee and her co bloggers is unforgettable!

BN Teens: Anything Dahlia is anything good. The other contributors are great too! Lots of great posts from them as well.

YA Interrobang : Nicole Brinkley is a genius.


12 thoughts on “Ten Book Blogs That Bring Me Joy + Possible Laughter

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    (And also I'm monstrously glad that my blog doesn't sound like a tired limp noodle, because tbh sometimes I get worried I just say the same things over and over. 😂 It's so WEIRD having a blog that's nearly 5 years old, omg.)

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  2. I absolutely love this post! These blogs are all on point as well. Cait is absolutely hilarious, Marie is so sweet, and Joey’s posts are always amazing. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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