The Saturday Oreo: Profound Poetry Week 2

Happy Saturday (or Sabbath for some of you maybe like me) everyone.  So if you didn’t know this month is poetry month and when I was in 7th grade, I started writing poetry. I still do, pretty consistently. It really helped and storifies difficult times and feelings whether it be happy or not. I’ve also been inspired to write about people too, like last week’s TSO (The Saturday Oreo) was inspired by someone close to me who has never read the poem before and is most likely unaware of the existence of the poem.
So, this poem is about homophobia. I know, you’re so surprised. šŸ˜‰

Religion is not an excuse for hatred
Not an excuse for the tears on the face of a mother who lost her child to suicide
Not an excuse for the scars marring people who should’ve been loved
They don’t need your forgiveness
Your judgment, your twisted interpretation of text
In the lonely nights, tears staining pillows, hearts in shreds from your cruelty
If you think God wills hatred
Then I ask who is your God
The one from the book condemning oppressors?
The one I dare say you go against by advertising one who bullies, slurs, destroys like you do? Or the one who you made to make your hatred unstoppable
Who is your God
Please hear me
People need equality and love
It is all we ever ask for


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