The Saturday Oreo: Sharing Profound Poetry For The First Time

It’s poetry month, y’all and it’s a beautiful Saturday. No matter the weather, you can be sure that somewhere, maybe with someone you love, it is beautiful. This month is poetry month and because of that, I’d like to show you some of my poetry! I say profound because it is deep and it comes from the pits. Think of what you read next as like…a little story. Congratulations it you read it all, thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day.
There is nothing left to say
Left only with my mind and my heart in shreds
So that’s basically nothing

Polluted air
that try as I might
I’m not sure if I will ever stitch it back together the same way that it was

Changed by the whirlwind of the
Fire in my heart
Changed by the whirlwind of the power in that soul
Fresh soul
Quiet, empty
I will ask you know
And you nod but you don’t agree

Quietly you’re falling apart but you don’t say a word
So hurt,
Little boy’s feelings hurt but he won’t run to his mummy
I don’t mean to be her
I wish I hadn’t implied that in the first place

There’s nothing left to say
We sit down and it’s so quiet in the abyss that I’m drowning in
And you only watch
You only watch
You only watch

Do you give a damn?
What does it mean to give a damn
Do you feel a disturbance in your soul
Do you feel a link to your soul being broken
Being ripped out of your chest against your will
Do you cry out when you see that disconnect
Do you feel it like I would
Like I would

You say I could damage you
But do you feel that disconnect when you see me falling to pieces in front of you
Do you hear me screaming your name
Last not first
Because the first means nothing to me
Then first and last because together it will mean everything to me

Raise me up
Break me down
I bemoan my dirty state when you come
I cry out your name in the twilight
In the afternoon
When I breathe in the morning
To the sky to have your back 24/7
To keep you down to this horrid earth
Focus on the 24 hours in front of you

Do you feel it?
Do you feel the anxiety that comes with your name beating in my chest
Day in and day out
I want to escape you
But I can’t because I think of you all day long

I agree when the song you don’t know that screams your name says how I feel
Do you feel it, darling
It says loving you loving you leaves me hurt
All I do all I do is get burnt
I can’t bear living–
Oh shit, I mean loving you.
Do you feel, hear, see
The pain, the emotion that is tearing me apart
All of the beautiful
horrifying, heavy
that come
with your name

Oh oh oh
I repeat in anguish
Your name burning like a vile insult no apology could make up for
On my tongue

There’s nothing left to say
There’s only my broken, bloody body
Still screaming
Your name


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