One Year Anniversary of Simon Appreciation Speech

Ladies and gentlemen.
Nonbinary folks.
We gather here today universally in the book world for a moment of reflecting on the beautiful day of the release of a book that has significantly impacted some of our lives. I know it has deeply impacted mine.

A year ago today, Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda released! This book led to me making a book blog which I subsequently named Oreos & Books. It led to me gaining a great friend, Becky, and also following many blogs and meeting many cool bloggers in the blogosphere. I made this blog a month and three days after the release of Simon and read Simon in three days from the release date…so you could probably say that I made it a month after. I’ve bonded with multiple people, seen great personalities on here, and had a great load of fun because of this book. Thank you to Becky Albertalli for her kindness, her support, her friendship, and her excellent writing that has bound many together and that the book world has celebrated over time and time again. For her recognition in reviews, on publishing websites or in literary magazines, as an Oprah Book Club book, the Morris Debut Award, and as a development for a movie which could be life changing for individuals who can relate to Simon, to the readers whose life were changed and possibly saved that we know and that we do not know and to many many other accomplishments of Becky’s and Simon’s…we have rejoiced and sobbed and fanned out. We have eaten Oreos. We have watched the debate over Golden Oreos and Classic as well as Double Stuf. Simon has had a beautiful impact on bookpersonkind. It has been a great time for our world. I am so happy to be here. A year later to write this over dramatic speech. Thank you and cheers to Brooks Sherman, Becky Albertalli, Donna Bray, and the many other publishing professionals involved in pushing this book as well as readers who supported whether in advance, at the time, or still supporting now. This is for you.
*lifts a glass for a toast whilst playing Pomp and Circumstance*
*sips cider slowly*
*wipes tear nostalgically*


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