#TopTenTuesday: Bookish Characters I’d Add

1. Aelin.
Username: cryingfireheart
If she’s as pretty as Sarah J. Maas, then sign me up. She would be snapping her battles real casually running away from danger because she’s that cocky. She’d be snapping Fleetfoot. She’d be snapping Chaol sleeping and making him do weird things and probably videos of her teasing Rowan. We probably wouldn’t talk, I would just be enamored from afar.

2. Leila.
Snapchat: rainbowofpersia
She’d probably be the type to add me back in a couple of hours or days.
She’d snap photos of Saskia, she’d snap photos of her gorgeous self, she’d snap videos of her friends that she has later on the story. We’d probably get a photo or two of her gorgeous mum or her dad telling an old story for the 100th time with a disapproving emoji. She’d probably stay snapping great photos with even greater jokes that would keep me rolling. She’s the type you talk to all your friends about, that might make you question your sexuality or affirm it (like those “Oh shit, I’m gay” moments *gulps down an entire glass of cider looking away from you*) depending on your gender.

3. Lila
Snapchat: thebard
She’s the type who you would add but she probably wouldn’t use it much but when she did, it would be gold. Like you’d just be waiting every week for that one golden snap of her on an adventure in a different dimension or grinning with Kell and Rhys.

4. Kristin.
Snapchat: gonadsbedabae
Kristin would be your bae. She’d be like your guilty pleasure follow. Because she’d always add you back. She would have those perfect white girl selfies and she would just be owning it. She’d snap videos of amazing stories at her intersex support group and of them partying at nightclubs and getting Starbucks in the morning and someone getting their name terribly misspelled.

5. Simon & Bram
Snapchat: oreocouple
Simon and Bram would be the type to have a joint account because Bram doesn’t have or doesn’t use any social media he isn’t sharing with Simon at this point. They would be snapping vids of their friends telling jokes and acting weird. Simon would take photos with Bram sleeping and put heart eye emoticons all over it. They would go travel to Harry Potter amusement parks and even go to the one in London and be constantly snapping videos of the whole thing and pictures of them kissing and holding hands and you would feel simultaneously super happy for them and think they’re cute but cry yourself to sleep because you’re forever alone and you have no answer to your fam’s intrusive dating life questions.

6. Aaron Soto
Snapchat: aaronsoto
He wouldn’t post much because he would forget that he made a Snapchat and then forget the password which is the same as his username. When he did post, it would be the help of an old friend or a brother, and they probably wouldn’t be doing anything you interesting. Just sitting in a park. On a train. At a treatment program or therapy because they’re trying treatments to work on his memory but it might take years to work. Or months. They haven’t tried everything yet but they’re optimistic he’ll get better eventually to attend college. Even if it’s in his mid to late thirties.  You’d feel sorry whenever you saw a Snap of him and be more grateful about the blessings within your own life.

Let’s stop here because I want to keep this original and meaningful and it would just go downhill from here. Thanks for stopping by, all! Comment what you’d follow and why!


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