February Wrap-Up

This is not going to be a long wrap-up because I haven’t been feeling very well but I plan to start doing better this month so I want to try to wrap up. Sorry for the low quality. I’ll be working harder each day.

My Month:
I started writing again, I actually just wrote a poem that I might put up here because it may come across as being about an Irish boy, and it’s March now. Is it? No!

Public speaking in school= both 😦 and 🙂

Not enough blogging but there was arting!

Much anxiety and stress with friends, unfortunately and life, but I’ll be okay.

I can’t answer the question “How are you” without wincing. I just haven’t been feeling well, and that gets in the way of blogging well, and I don’t want too much or any low quality content! I have ideas that are drafted, just no energy to transfer lately but I’m planning to change that. I won’t give up or take a hiatus. I’ll just space out sometimes so my content is quality for now. Wish me luck. 🙂


What did I read this month?

I have *no* idea. I definitely read, but I can’t recall. I’m working on Everything That Leads To You by Nina LaCour, beta reading, I read Quilting The Black Eyed Pea, a collection of powerful poetry by Nikki Giovanni! I won’t be reading as much until mid April because I’ll be doing heavy writing and hopefully blogging. 🙂 but don’t worry! This will still be a book blog, lmao.

Favorite Posts:

ALL the discussion posts for Valentine days week over at Thoughts & Afterthoughts

You can’t go wrong with anything over at Cait’s blog!!! (Obviously)

Sigh, and I always recommend the current month’s YA Open Mic,
so here you go! And if you haven’t heard of this, it’s basically a bookish HONY but better. You should totally go check out the previous ones on this website. They’re heartwarming and touching and you’ll totally think it’s worth the time to binge.

See you next month with a much more developed wrap up and better quality, enthusiasm, and less exhaustion all around. Night!


5 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

  1. Aww, I sort of relate with what you’re going through, Wesaun! Right now I’ve been feeling sort of uninspired with my blogging since I have a lot going on with school. I’m also taking a public speaking course but no smiley faces there for me. I absolutely hate it-and I often don’t dislike anything that strongly… I’m also having some weird times with my friends but hopefully it’s just a phase. Anyway, good luck! I miss talking to you!

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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    AW YOU KIND BEAN. *flails happily*
    But omg feeling not-well is very very sad. I shall give you cake and warm soup (idek if that’s an appropriate combination but it’s virtual so WHO CARES…we do what we want *nods*) But you’re going to be writing a lot soon?! YAY AND SQUEE. Are you doing Camp NaNo? I want to write in April but I don’t know if I’ll sign up…I always write too fast to make much use of it. Plus I might decide to edit. *tears out hair* Ugh, that is a horrific idea. Let me know not do that.
    YAY ALSO FOR MUCH ART. I told myself I was going to art at least once a month this year. I have arted exactly zero. -_-


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