#AmCurrently Lifely Points.

Challenged to do this by Cait @ Paper Fury .

I’m actually going to do all the points she did? Or more, as many as I personally feel like.  The original post is here so you have a format if you’d like to do this for yourself. It’s sort of like a combo tag thing, and it’s really cool.

Name: Wesaun. Wha-saun. Spelled wrong/mispronounced on a weekly to bi weekly basis. Has been mispronounced by friends and family members. Wouldn’t change it.

Other Titles: Your Badass Local Stereotypical Black Swan? Your Local Chamomile Tea Drinker? Your Local Jamaican? Your Local Queer Bookish Person? Your Local Queen Of The Awkward?

Occupation: Trying to live. Actually living. Speaking out on social issues in everyday life. Writing. Reading. Blogging. Person-ing. Talking about women, cookies, social issues, random questions, and such with those I love the most, online and off? Well, social issues and onward with most of my online folk. Unless you guys know Margaret Zhang? I love her

Hair And Eyeballs:


You decide. My eyes are essentially dark, but get lighter in the light, I suppose, and my hair is a variety of colors when it’s actually out. It has strands of red, gold, brown, and lots of raven.

Best feature: My brain. Does that really need to be explained? 😉

Right or Left? I write with my right hand.

Sports: Walking to the bus stop from school every day, and then walking from another bus stop to a place I consider one of my homes  

Favorite Color/Show/Book/Song:

American Crime; Mr. Robot.

I Crawl Through It by AS King

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko is my anthem, currently: The Hills by The Weeknd, Runaway by Kanye West, Push T, The Dreamer by Anna of The North

Dream Career: Publicist at queer publishing company.

Want to Be Married: I’ve written about my dream woman/person and wedding as advice when I was down, so yes. I’ll probably post that in June because, you know *shrugs casually*, PRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Love at first sight? Lust and infatuation at first sight are both things that I have experienced. As well as becoming insta friends with people but that’s not the type of love in question.

Ghosts? The Holy Ghost. Haaaaa, a Christian book blogger wants to high five me right now. Up top, y’all. Up top.

Yourself? I’m a black woman.

#AmCurrently thinking:

That I need to get more blog posts out.

That I want to prepare my NaNo manuscript for #DV pit, a pitching twitter thing for marginalized writers and/or marginalized stories. April 19th for any of y’all that need to know. Information on Beth Phelan’s twitter: @beth_phelan.

That I wish I could see Deadpool again as well as How To Be Single. Both were epic. I’ll end up buying them. If you’re 18 or older, or you have an older sibling that would take you to these, you should totally make an effort to go see these movies, especially DEADPOOL. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. you’ll love it. The reason I don’t say parent/guardian is that it would be really awkward unless your parent/guardian is really chill about things like explicit language, and occasions of nudity. Not many, but multiple occasions.

#AmCurrently Creating

I’m editing a manuscript slowly.

I can show you what I have created recently! I created some others. But this is what I made in my leisure for two people that I’m friends with, and talk about so much on this blog that’s it’s a little sickening. It’s based on their personalities, and called The Infinite Complexities of (insert their respective names in this slot). They both have a lot of meaning to me personally and these are taken from various observations of their personalities, characters, stories, universes as Zentner describes humans and as I now follow suit, and idiosyncrasies in color, of the people in question. Both have seen and thankfully loved, something just feels right about letting that “mystery” hang. It’s pretty easy to guess who they are by the initials and recalling the people who I mention constantly on here.




These personally turned out better than I thought they would or then imagined, and the pictures I took from all angles are absolutely breathtaking!

#AmCurrently Writing

I’m thinking of a companion to a story I finished a few weeks back and I’ve started a little but I might just stick to focus on editing one story and transferring another to the computer off of the loose-leaf.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know what you think?


4 thoughts on “#AmCurrently Lifely Points.

  1. I loved that you’ve done this, Wesaun. I don’t know if I told you this before, but I love your name, it’s so original and quite unique! I’m not sure if I would mis-pronounce it in real life, but I’ll practice, haha 😉 You look so cute! ❤
    I really love your art, and the fact that you're motivated to create and write. I really need to get back to writing, too, but with my Schedule, lately, it's just almost impossible. This makes me so sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS!! ❤ I love it when bloggers do lifely updates and tell us all the things. It is FUN. Also your face is fabulous. I AM JUST SAYIN'. And your dream career?!? YUUUUUS. I so hope you get to achieve that!

    Editing is also really hard work. *feeds you chocolate* Gah. I'm like 2 chapters off finishing my current WiP. And do I finish it? NOOOOOOO. Instead I procrastinate by reading blogs and sticking atlas pages to my wall. (I have problems. Ahem.)


    Liked by 1 person

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