#TopTenTuesday: 10 Fictional Crushes

Even if you’re single this Valentine’s…are you *really* with your book crushes? (Noooo. Just a long distance relationship. Won’t the parents be proud?)

What are my top ten fictional crushes? Ooooh. This is a toughie.

I like Stanzi from I Crawl Through It because she’s smart, creative, thinks a lot and similar to me, doesn’t react that well to stress but the output from that is beautiful. Then, there’s Lydia from The Serpent King because of her fashion sense, her intelligence, and her overall awesomeness. Pick that bad boy up on the 8th of March! Review to come! Who could forget Parvati from Liars Inc? Sassy, clever, strong, and a person of color to make things better. Abby from Simon Vs, and Leah because of their sharp, witty personalities and their separate parts in Simon’s life. Aelin from Queen of Shadows comes to mind because she’s seductive and badass, there’s Rachel from Don’t Touch because of her fascination with Shakespeare. Oooh can we say Adelina from The Young Elites? Come on. How often do we get one of those kickass female villains? Which means Lila Bard is up for grabs although I wouldn’t call her a villain but she’s sneaky, gorgeous, and funny, and last but certainly not least the kickass witch, Manon from Queen of Shadows.

Who are your fictional crushes???


5 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: 10 Fictional Crushes

  1. YAY FOR AELIIIN! Also Adelina is pretty great too >:D, MANON… I think I’m just going to keep on screaming all of these fantastic characters names XD (my mom is giving me a weird look right now haha (“What in the world are you shouting?”) she doesn’t understaaaand!)
    Great list though :D!! I think my number one fictional crush would probably be Dorian from Throne of Glass 🙂 I really liked him! Have a great day!

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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    So many kickass ones, Wesaun. XD CLEARLY YOU KNOW HOW TO PICK ‘EM. ;D I don’t even know who my fictional crushes are?? I mostly ship couples with their respective ships in the books….buuuut, I do have a crush on Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. ERM. Okay, I have a crush on Jon Snow’s gorgeous hair. ❤ No regrets.

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