Count Your Blessings Part 3

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome to the last part of Count Your Blessings, a positive, tiny three part series appreciating people and things that made me happy in 2015! So in the first post , I talked about some book community people who’ve changed my life, no hyperbole utilized. In my second post, I talked about Jordan, who’s a wonderful young man in this community who you may not have heard of. To all of you who I did not mention, I am thankful to you for all the kindness you gave me in the book community through comments, likes, and random correspondences through my social media accounts throughout each week.

Let’s talk about YOUTUBE. In May 2015, I was doing research on sexuality because of the whole questioning process and discovering the importance of self education by being in this community, or the part of it that’s not just book oriented but also actively discusses and promotes social issues which I love. I read Mark O Brien’s Reminders which definitely changed my life, and which I still think about, and this was how I discovered Ashley Mardell where I learned and am still learning a lot of significant information on the spectrum of sexuality and gender. Through Ashley, I discovered many others such as Ingenious Blue, Unsolicited Project also known as the Gay Women Channel, VerveGirlTV–Carmilla S1&S2 are what you need in your life. Also realisticsay, Couple-ish, a new webseries produced by Kaitlyn Alexander, who is realisticsay and a beloved star in Carmilla, and Chandler Wilson.

I can’t even talk about books, you’ll be reading forever so let’s talk about MUSIC. I’m thankful for Spotify, music I can relate to done by people who know the experience, and so many good songs and albums in 2015. To elaborate, I mean Troye Sivan, and Hayley Kiyoko. Girls Like Girls made me the happiest little sapphist in the entire world. I love everything about Hayley. I first “met” Hayley in Lemonade Mouth, but I didn’t know she would produce music and music videos with an original talent that would encourage me and help me. I’ve listened to basically all of her music but some favorites are Girls Like Girls, Cliffs Edge, Rich Youth, and Maple.

Troye is exceptional. Some of my faves from him are: for him—surely life changing for those that can relate more closely to it, TALK ME DOWN, BITE, EASE, TOO GOOD (freaking powerful, had on repeat), Happy Little Pill, WILD.

In general:
Night Lik


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