Have You Heard Of The #ADSOMReadalong?


Hello, beautiful book people of the world! If you haven’t heard, VE Schwab and several others are hosting a retelling of A Darker Shade of Magic before the much anticipated release of A Gathering of Shadows, the sequel! Tomorrow (1 February 2016) is the launch of the event!!!

We’re going to be splitting it up like this, and having Twitter chats discussing separate parts of this novel. It’s a really well written, immersive novel and I’m promise it will good for you:

*1 February, Monday: Parts 1-5
8 February, Monday: FIRST EVER #ADSOMreadalong Twitter chat for Parts 1-5. It’s 21:00 OR 9 PM EST/6 PM PST America time. I’m totally down for adjusting to your time zone if that’s what you need.
15 February, Monday: SECOND #ADSOMReadalong chat at the same time! Parts 6-10 of the book!
22 February, Monday: FINAL #ADSOMreadalong chat. Parts 11-14. In this conclusion we’ll discuss the ending, and theories! Hoooow exciting!
*This week

I will be updating y’all weekly so that you know what’s up! I hope to see you there!


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