Count Your Blessings Part 2

So yesterday, I talked about some folks I was grateful for this year. There was one who I did not feel there was space to mention when drafting that post on paper, but who is important, and who I’d like y’all to at least be somewhat aware of if you aren’t already.

His name is Jordan Villegas. (Dont you love how double letters in Spanish just kinda roll out of your mouth?) Jordan is a teen writer, and I strongly encourage you to read his ongoing teen writer series on his blog at because we always need to know more about the bestselling authors of tomorrow, am I right? Of course I am.

The one on there you absolutely have to check out is the one on someone I had the pleasure of reading for who is really talented, and who everyone loves, her name is Camryn Garret. To digress, Cam is one of the most beloved WOC teenage voices in the entire YA community. She’s known for writing eloquent posts about current issues in our society, and generally saying what needs to be said. If you’re one of those bookies who are also into politically correct stuff and human rights, you know who she is. She’s also a great writer, who is one of our few to have an agent at 15, although she’s 16 now. In other words, she’s fabulous.

  I also think you need to see some of his (Jordan’s, let’s get back on track) original blog posts before this term writer interview series that’s been running a couple of months now started. These posts are raw, emotional, powerful, and beautiful.  I reread them and they had the same gut punching effect they had the first time. His writing of books is just as wonderful:
You Probably Shouldn’t Write Like Me

On Inadequacy (This post killed me)

On Invisibility (This post took my heart, destroyed it, broke it into the shards of glass, melted it, and then forcefully shoved it back in my body and screamed at it to beat anew. Changed.)

Please take the time out of your hectic schedule to read these. They are simply tear inducing and powerful. I needed to know Jordan after reading these posts. So, I DM’d him, and that was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. He is so sweet, so unbelievably intelligent, and such a beautiful human being, truly. You know those people you meet or you might read about or see in movies who are just ethereal? Like, they change you just by you looking at them and getting to know them? Like, they’re just pure art that just changes you because it takes a part of you or the whole you and makes you sort of rearrange it so you can become the you that you were meant to be, the you that you would have never become had you not seen things in a certain light? He is one of those, and I admire him so much. I had the pleasure of beta-ing and his talent brought tears to my eyes. I am not a crier, and so not a book crier, and I cried in public over his beautiful writing. In the words of another wonderful person who read for him, Jordan is an emotional genius. You really should find a way to know him. He’s going to destroy when he publishes. If you’re a writer who plans to write professionally, you should hope that you do not publish in the same year as this kid because you’ll have no chance and I’m saying this as a writer. Seriously, though. Absolutely none. He will absolutely annihilate. No one could ever hope to stand a chance.

Thanks for being super chill about me gushing about Jordan, you guys, and sticking around for part two of this lovely series. I can’t promise that part 3 is going to be up by tomorrow because that is one long, bad mama-jama, I just had to write that, but I hope to get it up by the end of this week, so that we can really end January with one big bottle of positivity rather than your trad wrap-up post which went up the 24th of January, aka yesterday. 🙂 I hope I can do mini things to end the month a little differently every month or other month, but I’m not sure yet, it’s just a little seedling of an idea. See you later!


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