Count Your Blessings Part 1

Yes it’s not Thanksgiving. Yes, New Year’s has passed but it is still the new year and I have a lot of blessings that I received this year in many forms. This is a small 3 part series that has been in the works for a little while, and I wanna try to have it done before the end of January, or latest by the second week of February, so hold me to that!

Life became really shitty around the latter part of 2015, but I can look back on that time, and smile because that’s when I really started talking to pretty much the only people in the book world who know me. I feel like I might say things like if you know me, you understand that…but like there are literally only two people in the entire community who actually KNOW me. Like I feel like my mindset is TRUST NO ONE, except for these two.

Like, I found it so cute when people were all like recently, they are so proud of me for things I’ve written, and it’s so awesome that people who I consider strangers find something in me that they feel that they can be proud of even though I’m like, but how??? Anyway, those two people are two people who I talk about ALL the time. The first one is someone who I promote ALL THE TIME because I need her to stick in your mind so that you buy her brilliant books, which, you honestly need them all–Nic Stone. Nic is a lovely woman. She’s someone that you want to know, truly. She’s funny, she’s understanding. I can talk to her about anything, and she’s one of those people who you want to be your friend because she is so honest, and will be straightforward and she’s simply amazing. Not to mention that I’ve read basically everything she’s written and she’s really an exceptionally talented young woman. I wasn’t biased when I originally read her work, and her debut, Dear Martin, releases next year. You need to know her, or better yet, you want to.

There’s so many causes for my joy, but since we’re talking about people, let’s talk about, you know who’s next, Michael Waters. I talked about him all the time under his pseudonym, John Hansen. He’s in almost all of my monthly posts, I did an interview the month that I befriended him, and all that. By the way, since he recently revealed his name to the public, he needs to become more Google-able. Please do me a favor, and click his name and/or this link. I’ll do you, basically any favor, in return. I paint, I write, I over-promote, I beta read, I do a lot. Thank you. Everyone knows him, but I never tried to  talk to him until July, when I interviewed him for his current project at the time, and wow, this guy. I am generally fascinated by people, but he was so enthraling to me. He’s literally art, so original. He’s just so sweet, kind, and funny and WOW.

What I love most about him, though, is that he just sort of takes any possible assumption or general preconceived notion you might have, and pours gas over it and makes it explode, and it’s excellent. Seriously, he really obliterates all of that assumption crap that we’re sort of trained to do. Just kind of takes it, and goes, “Plot twist: I’m an individual, not a society stereotype.” and it’s really amazing, I love it so much.

I am enamored with every single  project he runs, including the latest being YA Open Mic, which is like a bookish HONY but better. There is a new one on the first Thursday each month, so you should look out for a new one, the week after this one. It’s been going on since about October so you definitely want to binge the previous ones because it’s fantastic. And I probably won’t say this again, until later this year for things I won’t mention now, but see you tomorrow!




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