An Early Conclusion To January

My Month

I am working on enjoying the little moments in life, myself, and actually being alive, which is a difficult thing to do but I hope some progress comes from it. I’m literally drowning and bobbing above the water holding on to a rotten piece of wood at the same time.  I’m currently reading When I Was The Greatest by Jason Reynolds.

I know I haven’t posted much bookish stuff this month, but I have so many ideas, and so many exciting things in the works, including late new year’s stuff so bear with me!

New People I Found!

I love discovering new people, especially in YouTube. I low key binged: ( Ari Fitz, ( Jade, and ( Ambers Closet.

I posted a lot of really great posts but some of the top for you to check out are:

What Music Means To Me (

Biggest Book Problem For Me in 2015 ( This post has 12 facts about me, and coming out

Sit In The Arena And Drink Your Juice (
This talks about trying to observe this year and the community’s huge issue with offering their stories rather than listening to people’s srruggles.

Dear Community, Thank You ( Me thanking you for your overwhelmingly positive response to the coming out, and explaining why I use the term queer, I’ll probably talk about this again later on, because I could talk about this for a long time.

I Am Stuck In A Glass Case ( Talking about the woes of being a teenage spectacle aka a black, queer person.

My favorite posts this month were:

January YA Open Mic (

This is now one of my favorite posts in the world, I Might Be Gay But Please Don’t Call Me Your Gay Best Friend (

Why Are Heroes & Villains Never Stuck In Traffic  (

The music that breathes life into my soul this month:

I Think I Like It by Mary Jane Fonda
I Think I Like You by sirenXX
Uh Huh by ROMANS
Hummed Low by Odessa
Lady by Lucy Neville
Gold Digger by Kanye West, Jamie Foxx
Freek A Leek by Petey Pablo
Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
Woman In Red by San Fermin

Light A Match by Chic Gamine
Jarmin In The Dark by Young Monks
Hit & Run by Hayley Kiyoko
Better Than Love by Hayley Kiyoko
for him. by Troye Sivan, everything on the Blue Neighbourhood album. I have been enamored with it for about two months.
2 AM Dandy Lion Remix

Talking about art…

I wrote an entire first draft in about a week in a notebook. It can’t be that long, but I’m proud of it. It’s my project for the year.

I made a watercolor collage thing for a gift for a friend which he won’t receive for many months and one for class.

That’s enough for today! Tell me about the music you loved, the things that made you happy this month, ANYTHING you made that you feel needs a little extra love in the comments below and I will get to it.  Thanks for hanging out with me!


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