Is Sadness Beautiful?

I feel that people who don’t experience mental illness or struggle with it, genuinely, think it is something poetic or beautiful. Like, they don’t want the actual mental illness but they sort of don’t take it as seriously as I would like. For example, when people make jokes about suicide, or tell people to kill themselves or make fun of a cutter or self harm and call them emo or things of that nature, it’s despairing. It’s hurtful, it’s a lot for me, personally, to deal with and be around on a daily to weekly basis. It’s also a lot when you make jokes about being depressed for when you’re just temporarily sad. Don’t do that. It’s privileged, it’s triggering, it’s hurtful.

Beautiful things are produced by those that suffer from mental illness or those that are in a morose or furious tone. There’s seen to be a sort of power or drive in these emotions for creative work, and this can be true for some people, and even some that we appreciate in the past such as Edgar Allan Poe.
I’ve struggled with things for years, what feels like many, many years although it’s only been a couple, and I’ve always been a writer but our of that has come more recognized blog posts, such as I Am Stuck In A Glass Case, and little stories but mainly poetry. Lots of good poetry that blew me and the few people I let see this side of me away.

I don’t think that just because talent or determination may be fueled, unfortunately for some, by negative emotion means sadness, itself, is beautiful. It is not. Sadness is pain. It is raw, messy, and unattractive. It is who we are, we are raw, messy, and complex and so are creative fields and the insanity of dedicating a part of your time or life to the beauty and insanity that is creation.

All in all, I think it’s a mistake to romanticize mental illness in literature or the general media due to the fact that people who are struggling or have struggled have produced great work, or the fact that artists tend to have a certain personality where they seem more introverted, thoughtful, and perceptive of the world around them and the different things that are noticed when you have that ability and the quality creation that tends to be produced from that. Don’t make jokes about mental illness, in any form, and truly think about what is about to come out of your mouth before you comment on mental illness, no matter the situation.  You never know the struggles of the people surrounding you or who you could trigger, and not everyone really has my sort of personality where they would voice their dissent of what you said so you could learn that what you were doing was hurtful, and wrong.  Yes, all artists are certainly a little insane, especially us writer-creatures although I would never pair that insanity and mental illness, together. They are two separate things, even the line may seem blurred, and if they may be a coping mechanism for many, if not ALL artists for one personal reason or another.


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