Scheduling Leisure With Obligations

Leisure was the first word that really cultivated my love for words. Society says that if you really love something you will make time for it. I partially disagree because best laid plans of mice and men. Sometimes you form a schedule, and considering the majority of book bloggers are students of some type, or recent graduates, we know that homework, studying, or that thesis may take a little longer than planned and reading, writing, and/or blogging may have to be put aside. I recently got the opportunity where I had no choice but to have no access to my phone, and that has opened up doors in regards to my hobbies. Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to, like, lock myself away from my phone? Months, maybe even over a year, and I’ve only become more addicted to a piece of metal and plastic connected to a little symbol. In I Crawl Through It, at some point the principal was like, who wants a phone when all it does is ring? And it was peculiar but there was something about it that was powerful and thought provoking to me.

Having to work around doing things without my phone gives me a chance to actually focus on reading, and write out blogging outlines just like I did in my early, most productive blogging days. In this new year, I can now take my blogging notebook, and finally open it, take out a Pilot G-207, and start drafting one of the many ideas on my multiple master lists! This means more posts will get drafted which means more lunches and early mornings writing and editing which means MORE CREATION. One door closed, another one kicked wide open with rainbows, ethereal singing and joy coming your way. It is all in perspective. So, being a complex, contradictory human, I disagree AND agree with what society says about making time for what you love. Sometimes, all it takes is making that passion of yours a daily habit, and getting rid of the distractions that may be in the way. Take a second, wherever you are reading this, and truly think about what is it so important that is keeping you from pursuing your passion? Maybe all you need to do to unlock that door is to cut yourself off from your phone, or whatever other distraction in your life for a little or a long while. I, for one, want to not turn on my phone for at least 3 months and just go after my passions and see what happens. It is out of my reach so why not take the opportunity to live a little more by being even more engaged with my passions? Go try this year to do something remarkable. Not even for the world or to be noticed, but for yourself. That’s who is most important after all. Don’t just survive. Don’t just exist in the quotidian. Live!  I wish you fortune on your journey to the greatness.

What is your passion? Do you wish to pursue it more this year? What are your obstacles? How can you overcome them? I hope you enjoyed your dose of my histrionics. Leave a comment below and thanks in advance for stopping by!




2 thoughts on “Scheduling Leisure With Obligations

  1. Sometimes for fun (although it’s not really fun), my friends and I play that phone stacking game when we’re out grabbing food. It’s the game where the loser is the one who feels the need to check their phone and the punishment is to front the bill (and no one wants that). All to be in the moment, I guess.

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