#TopTenTuesday: Great Music Recommended

We’re taking some of those old Top Ten Tuesdays out for a ride this month, an ironic response to out with the old, in with the new. In August 2015, I got a joint playlist of recs and it is the best thing ever—here is the link so that you can listen to these songs if you so desire on Spotify for free, and here are ten songs out of the playlist, which is about 33-36 songs long but was about 26 when I first got it, that I loved although I love every single one.

  1. Circles : This song makes me so happy, it drags me out of the depths of any bad mood I’m in.
  2. Fun: This was the first Troye Sivan song I ever listened to, and led me to listening to as much Troye Sivan as possible. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to everything he’s ever done, and his voice is beautiful. His music is great to create to.
  3. 2 Heads: This song is really original, just the beats in the background and the music was  refreshingly novel to me.
  4. Dollhouse is what I was looking for in music at the time. It is creative, original, and authentic.
  5. I’m Good : This song is just so positive and uplifting similar to the band’s Bad Dream on the same album, which makes me float in happiness.
  6. Run On Love: The voice of Tove Lo is just something that captures you, and evokes strong emotion lying  underneath he blanket or shield of whatever cold exterior you display to your world. Don’t think to yourself that you do not have a performed exterior or a mask. This is untrue. Whether we know it or not, we all wear a mask at some point in our lives. It is fact.
  7. Radio : The message of this song which to me was like a coming from the bottom type of thing in regards to what goals you may wish to achieve.
  8. Dream Last night was rec’d by the same person, Michael (John Hansen), who else would I listen to, and it is a beautiful, powerful song about love that is heartbreaking and magical to my ears. It is not on the playlist.
  9. Seventeen : This song is ethereal and the sensitivity had such an effect on me the first listen. One listen can bring me back to fangirling over it on my phone in the middle of a steamy summer night, fearing what school would bring,, and yet floating on joy.
  10. Here : This song encaptures the awkwardness that is part of my unfortunate being.

Tell me some great songs YOU were recommended?


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