What Music Means To Me

Music is escape, but it feels like so much more than that. Music is the key to the door you wish to unlock that will bring you to freedom, to the healing you need or the distraction you desire in that moment. When my thoughts overwhelm me, and I feel like I’m about to drown under the weight of all that clutters my mind, I can put in earbuds, close my eyes, and run away in imaginations of a jubilant future, or the interpretation of the song that I have. When I close my eyes, I see a life with no one attempting to  restrict me from being who I am and where I can do what I love all the time because that is my responsibility. I see an apartment in  Brooklyn, in a neighborhood near an indie bookstore, not at all large. The apartment is cozy, and has beanbags. There are bookshelves in every room, and there are Christmas lights except they are not the colors of Christmas, beautiful pictures of the city posted around the house and friends from one of those old Polaroid cameras, and paintings that I made and bought. There is book merchandise. There is an American short-hair cat. There is peace. I feel infinite in moments like these.

Music shapes me by helping me learn how to live when I do not know how, by encouraging me, by making me want to dance. I feel that I see a person differently and with clarity when I can step in their shoes by listening to the music they love. This is how music connects people. You love a song, and that bond can lead to a friendship so amazing that a few months later you cannot imagine going without that person in your life on a weekly basis. This is how music connects us. It strips us bare, and all we have is the emotion in our bones, the marrow, the blood, and the neurons that make us the beginning of who we were once again. That make us blank canvasses waiting for an artist’s story which we get from music. All of our neurons are tied together like strings in a yarn ball to the fellow lovers of it, and we do not know each other well and yet we can understand each other. We do not need to speak. The music has the words or the melody for us, and that is beautiful.

I love the freedom…the escape that I get from music. I love the power that is poured in my bones by a sick beat. I love the way it seeps into me, consumes me, undoes me, and recreate me anew. I love the way it can connect me to you, and how ephemeral and beautiful I can feel just listening to it, floating, changing, learning and growing in such a brief period of time. To simply say that I love music, that music is amazing is inadequate for me. Music details my life, it brings me back to the old days, and marks my new memories. Music is eternity; it is everything. I have 17-19 playlists and counting on Spotify, and yet I can never have too many. Each  playlist is a puzzle piece to a time in my life, each song included in them, and each second makes up the chapter of the story of a writer whose words you are reading in this moment. There is something irreplaceable about that.

What does music mean to you?



6 thoughts on “What Music Means To Me

  1. The apartment you describe sounds absolutely wonderful. While I don’t feel the way you do about music, I have similar feelings when it comes to reading and writing literature. It connects–me with myself; my future, past, and present; and with others, with the universe.

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  2. I remember those days (…wait, why do I sound so old when I say this wtf) when I was living in an apartment with buds close to University. With the building being largely focused on student housing, you really did get to hear a myriad of sounds throughout the day; particularly during the Summer semester when it was apparently necessary for people to have their speakers blaring against the sounds of other speakers. Which is fine. I don’t really know where I’m going with this but to say that music during this time featured a lot of cultural immersion. Though I now seldom listen to the music that were earworms in my head all day then (being a loooot of KPOP), it’s still very a valued part of how my listening tastes have been shaped.

    Because then, to now, to whatever is tomorrow, the music I listened to non-stop is still something I can hum the tune to if I tried hard enough. And who doesn’t love a good nostalgia bomb raiding your senses.


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