[Book Review] Glory O’ Brien’s History Of The Future by A.S King

Title: Glory O Brien’s History of The Future
Author: A.S King
Release Date:
Publisher: Little Brown
Favorite Quote: Not living your life is like killing yourself, only it takes longer
Rating: 4 stars

WELP. Amy King has done it again. She has turned out yet another masterpiece to bless the minds of teenagers everywhere. Take a second, wherever you are, whether in your mind or physically, and join me in giving her a slow clap. Give her a round of applause, why don’t you? Give her a standing ovation because that’s what a talented genius like her deserves.

History of The Future is basically about a girl named Glory O’ Brien, who takes a deep interest in photography, which is really interesting because I learned new things, and believes that she is going to become like her dead mother, Darla, statistically speaking, because her mother commited suicide and she fears that she will do the same.  Throughout this book, she is just graduating from high school, and she is piecing together the future and learning more about herself by trying to learn more about Darla.

Can we just talk Glory for a second (the entire review)? This girl was funny, she was quirky but not unrealistically so, and she was well developed. Glory’s thought process and her world view is poetic, and it makes you see things differently as you get to travel through her story and see things in her light. Glory is a real teen. She’s an outcast, which I feel we don’t see enough of in young adult literature. We see a lot of fake popular people who rule the school, but we don’t see many authentic teens who don’t care much about conforming to society, maybe don’t have many friends because of that…we don’t see people who are really themselves. In YA, we mostly get teens who care a lot about things that honestly most real teens don’t really value as much of a concern.
Glory was unconventional, but she wasn’t loved by everyone, she didn’t feel that she was better than everyone else even though she is well aware that she is not normal.
“I am no one special.”
“I am tortured by the mundane. You are mundane. I am tortured by you.”

Glory has a really close relationship with her father which is great to see. In YA, the majority of families are dysfunctional, or if not the majority, then many. Which can be great! I mean, for those who have dysfunctional families, I’m sure this can be great to see…but I value seeing characters have great  relationships with their family members. Not necessarily to be able to relate, just because I think it makes the story better to see that connection and how that connection affects the main character.

The writing was lyrical and poetic as only Amy King can write. The minor characters all had lives,and we got insight into their lives which was great and the minor characters were not there just to fill space. They had a purpose and it really made the story flow well. The development of the characters over the course of the story was great to see, and I came away from this story having learned something. That’s what I really loved about the story, I felt like I was seeing things through a new perspective, a new lens, which can’t be said for the majority of YA.   I learned to follow this mantra: Free yourself. Have the courage. This book, like all of King’s, is a must read.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up this book? Have you read any of AS King’s other novels? If not, you must.


5 thoughts on “[Book Review] Glory O’ Brien’s History Of The Future by A.S King

  1. I’ve never read anything written by Amy King, but this novel sounds great! I love a little bit of unconventional characters and strong family relationships. It’s a great stray from the general gist of novels these days. You’re so right in saying we need to feature more teens such as those outcasts who don’t really care, AND families that are not always dysfunctional.
    Great review! 😊


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