Authors That Bring Me Gratitude With Their Kindness and Awesomeness

On the blog this week, I wanted to do all the thanksgiving freebies. So, here we are on Day 2 of our week of gratitude! It’s another lovely Tuesday, and today I want to talk about some authors that I’m grateful for. i’m going to work hard to talk about authors that I don’t talk about as often so that you can hear about them, and find their books or look out for them.

A.S King: It is peculiar to me that most haven’t heard of the genius that is Amy King. She is a brilliant writer. Her writer does not pull any punches in the quirkiness, in how easy it is to relate to her characters, and simply the quality. Amy is exquisite. The first book of hers I read did not impress me, Reality Boy, but I ended up reading Ask The Passengers and falling in love with her work, and even more so when I read her newest release: I Crawl Through It. An exceptional read for all high school and college students, especially those that are in the honors program of their high school. This novel just gets the struggle despite it being surrealist fiction, and it’s beautiful. I am making my way through Amy’s backlist and honestly I have no regrets. If you have not heard of Amy King, you can follow her on Twitter: @AS_King, and she also has a website and has gotten awards for her novels.

Heidi Heilig: Heidi is a 2016 debut author. Her novel, The Girl From Everywhere, releases February 16, 2016, and she is a great storyteller. She’s also a kind person who is good to everyone, and who speaks out against injustice. She’s wonderful.

Kate Scelsa: Kate is intelligent, and writes beautifully. I highly recommend her debut novel Fans of The Impossible Life, I finished it in a day at roughly the same speed as Shelumiel, the blogger I was beta reading with at the time. If that doesn’t tell you something about how great this book was, I don’t know what will. It was heart wrenching, honestly I related although I don’t claim that nevermore will be able to find something to relate to in this. This story is something that i hold close to my heart. Kate is actual quality.

Becky Albertalli: I talk about her all the time, but I really do love Becky. She has been supportive and kind to me, and i’m grateful to be able to call her  a friend of mine. she’s funny, and her positive attitude is just contagious and always puts me in a good mood. Also, I didn’t talk about her yesterday, so.

Last, but certainly not least, Adam Silvera: Adam is such a funny, lovable dude. His writing, honestly, if he had a backlist, I would have read all of his books by now, and I would be bringing the stack for him to sign at his next launch which I will go to come hell or high water. He’s just the best, I just  love him. He’s one of those writers that you feel wronged by after finishing the book and just cling to for future books because you need more. A writer of quality. I hate rereading, but I could reread again and again and again and again and again. There’s hope for YA with writers like him.




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