My TBR Is A Monster Dripping In Blood About To Eat Me Alive

The to be read list, aka the TBR is the only thing that I despise when it comes to reading. You know the popular saying, “So many books, so little time.” and it is devastatingly true. The other day, I was on Goodreads, and I was talking to one of my best friends, and I was trying to delete books on my TBR that had been on there for two years, or over a year, and I selected some option that came up on my computer without looking at it, and then after that, I could not remove anything, and when I last removed about 50-100 books on my TBR utilizing the mobile app, it was such a painful task. I had to go to each book, and manually remove it from shelves rather than just select a bunch of boxes, and have it removed in moments.

And I wondered, why is it so hard to remove books off of your TBR?? I hate that it’s so easy to add them, and feed the monster, but not easy to delete them or read them and begin to defeat the monster. I have 200 books on my TBR, 47 separate from my Goodreads, as well as 6 unread ARCs, 4 manuscripts, and a daunting eARC that I need to get done for a project that should’ve been read and reviewed two months ago. And I decided that the only way to defeat this TBR monster is just to not count Goodreads at this point. Because Goodreads is protecting all those books on my TBR like a fierce mama bear guarding her cubs, with a sword, whilst breathing fire at me: the shivering, daunted bibliophile desperate to defeat the TBR.

TBRs can be great because there is always another book to read, and there are always books to be excited to release, or scramble for when the ARCs or digital copies release towards the diving hands of bloggers with stats high enough to claim, or who are just fortunate enough to be accepted as worthy. But TBRs are SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. Unless you’re someone like Cait, and can consume books in a day. So now, I think I’m going to just say bye bye to all the books on my TBR that are not in series I have already started, and just have it there as an emergency, and focus on the 57 that are breathing down my neck—especially the 11 that are coming at the door of my mind with a battering ram screaming, “READ ME! REAAADDDDD MEEEEE!” and hope to finish those soon, and hopefully, no more adding books until I have done so.

So what do you think? Do TBRs stress you out or excite you or both? I would love to know your opinion in the comments below. 


7 thoughts on “My TBR Is A Monster Dripping In Blood About To Eat Me Alive

  1. Rachana says:

    TBRs simultaneously excite me and stress me out. I’m a mood reader so it’s very reassuring to know that no matter what I feel like reading, there’s something on my huge tbr that I will (hopefully) enjoy. The only time I really bother looking through my tbr list on goodreads is at the start of the month but even a week in, I’ve forgotten everything but the books that are, as you said: “coming at the door of my mind with a battering ram screaming, “READ ME!” Once (and *IF*) I’m done with these, I’ll end up reading books I’ve usually seen a lot of positive reviews of or heard people discussing on social media a lot.


  2. ARC TBRs stress me out sooo much! I can read super quickly, but with school and homework I rarely have the time…(and if I do, it’s at school.) I have like 6 or 5 ARCs I need to read right now and it’s TERRIFYING. Like ahhh the publisher is going to hate me if I don’t review this in time ahhhhh! So I totally feel your pain.
    (Awesome title, btw!)

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  3. I love my TBR list on goodreads. It’s freeing, a nice place to stash all the books I’ve seen before and thought were great and want to read… but maybe don’t have the money or time right now. Mine is like… 2,000 books long, though. Lol. I recently tried to go through and remove a bunch, and only managed to kick 200 off of there.. u_u It’s hard to be realistic and remember I don’t have infinite time to read books. 😦 Even though I’d like to.


  4. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OMG I RELATE SO MUCH. And trust me, even if you read a book in a day you somehow NEVER seem to catch up….you just accumulate more books XD I’ve given up on reaching the bottom of my TBR. Right now I’m just trying to read more books that excite me. Like fantasy? Bring. it. onnnnn. I’m giving up on more contemporary books unless I see people rave about them, because I usually have a bad time with them anyway. 😛 So I think it equal part stresses and excites me. It excites me because I know I’ll always have SOMETHING I want to read and look forward to. xD

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