October Wrap-Up

NOTE: Monthly wrap-ups are quite lengthy since they encompass a month’s worth of information from me getting pretty much as personal as I get here by talking about my month (and now my writing), and posts and such. Feel free to skip to what interests you most. I strongly recommend the “Great Music I Listened To” section, as well as the Favorite Posts in The Blogosphere (the very bottom, for visitors).

ATTENTION: For those of you who don’t know, I am a beta reader and so if you need to someone to devour your not-awesome-but-gonna-be-awesome manuscripts after NaNo, you can request at oreosandbooks70@gmail.com. Warning, you MAY be on a waiting list, only 3-4 people long of people in the querying process/have agents and editors already. Also, I plan to have those manuscripts finished by the end of November, and should be free or have only one that I’ll be reading at the time. But of course, if you don’t mind being on a waiting list, feel free to ask.  If you’re looking for marginalized beta readers and need someone to vet your work, and your manuscript has queer people, black people, or depressed individuals, I would be intrigued, and happy to vet it for you, and send it right to me with when you want it to be read by, and what specific feedback that you require. Again, my business email is oreosandbooks70@gmail.com, and I am @epicbooklover on Twitter if you have any questions/need further information. You can also see my review policy, as it may be used in regards to your manuscript in reference to what I prefer, what I will refuse, and my average reading time span when I am in the groove of things. GOOD LUCK FOR NANO EVERYONE!

My Month 

  • Spotify is honestly the best thing ever, I’ve found so much good music which I have been able to use for writing and it’s been an awesome ride.
  • I went to meet Sara Raasch for the Ice Like Fire launch, and get my copy signed because I’m in the acknowledgements (!!!)




  • I learned some things about myself and that was really good because it’s never good to kind of just…not know yourself, if that makes any sense. 🙂
  • School is intense, but not too bad, it’s definitely getting better, and I’m learning some time management skills and getting back to reading other blog posts, and commenting which has been nice because I have missed participating in the blogosphere, and I have so many ideas, i’m just learning how to fit them in better.
  • I went to Chinatown, Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island for the first time, and you’ll see a post and pictures soon!!! Like this week or next week soon, get excited with me! I’ve always wanted to go to downtown Manhattan.
  • Got another MS, and joined another secret project which I am ecstatic about, and will definitely talk about when I can.
  • I got another idea to write, and now I’m doing that for NaNo…a post about that soon!!
  • No announcements or Top Ten Tuesdays!!!

Great Music I Listened To

  • I list all my music from the month on Spotify because that is my primary source for music. If you do not have Spotify, I strongly encourage you to make an account. Spotify is an amazing company where you can create playlists for all of your favorite music, and listen to albums and EPs legally for free. There are also many, many playlists by Spotify which are of good quality. If you’re looking for new music, Discover Weekly and Indie Pop are amazing resources for excellent music. There aren’t too many ads, and watching/listening to an ad can stop them for 30 minutes. If you purchase Premium, you have the amazing benefits of what the free service of Spotify provides as well as being able to access your music any where, any time for about 10-11 bucks a month. I strongly recommend this app/music company. They are AMAZING, and just a basic necessity in life, especially for those of you music lovers who like to listen to music during your writing or blogging.

Dopamine Album by BORNS—Spotify

  • Dug My Heart
  • American Money
  • Holy Ghost
  • Clouds
  • Past Lives
  • Dopamine

The Wrong Questions is the title of my WIP, here’s the Spotify playlist where these songs are located

  • Ghost-Lost Kings Remix by Halsey
  • Afterlife by XYLO
  • Ghost by Ella Henderson
  • Bad Dream by The Mowgli’s

Discover Weekly—Somber/Sweet Moments for Writing

  • Sway by Anna Of The North
  • Go Slow by Tei Shi

I like everything on those playlists, though, obviously! And I also strongly recommend the Feel Good Indie Rock playlist on Spotify.

Books I Read

  • I DON’T EVEN KNOW, MAN. I’m still not done with QoS, I’m getting back to it this week and I’ll blow through it, hopefully.
  • I Crawl Through It by A.S King, I am currently reading this, and it is an awesome portrayal of the stress of being a teen, and creative. It is a masterpiece that has been reducing my stress, and helping so much. I strongly recommend it.
  • I have so many manuscripts to read, I still need to finish Jordan’s, it’s a shame, the boy is talented.

Favorite Posts of The Blogosphere

The commencement of John’s amazing new project: YA Open Mic. It’s like HoNY, except bookish, and therefore better, please check it out. There’s one on the first Thursday of each month, so look out for next week on BNTeen’s blog!

Cam’s profound piece in response to Teen’s inflammatory, churlish, offensive, and simply disgusting article.

Angie Manfredi gives tips on how librarians can make libraries a safe space for queer teens, I strongly advise this article for librarians or for people who would be into even printing this out, and handing it to their librarians because it’s an excellent article 🙂

Cait had a lot of brilliant posts this month, but my absolute favorite was this one on why books would be better with dragons. I recommend you follow Paper Fury to see more of Cait’s humor and overall awesomeness 🙂


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