Request For Beta Reading Services

I am Wesaun, a writer, a bibliophile, a logophile, and one interested in creative work. I am a marginalized individual who would be pleased to vet your work if it has queer characters, specifically of the lesbian variety, black characters, and characters with minor or major depressive disorder otherwise known as depression. I also have lists and links to other marginalized people who may be interested in reading your work which you can ask about in your email, in the comments, or on my Twitter epicbooklover.

Where To Send Your Work

If you are looking for a beta reader for your manuscript, please send an email to

What To Include In The Email

  • In the email, please include a synopsis or summary of what your MS is about, a genre, a potential age group, and when you would like your feedback by. If you need to know what genres I prefer, and what I will not accept, as well as age groups, please visit my Review Policy tab. Please also include a brief excerpt or quote from your MS.

Here is a sample:


My manuscript is about a black lesbian who fights off the Brooklyn mafia in the 60s in her biker gang, and who is also an art high school student who is timid in her daily life. It is speculative fiction, and intended for young adults. I can wait a long as you need, but I would prefer it in two weeks from this email. please let me know if this si not what you would be interested in.

“This damned mafia is going to destroy everything I love, that’s what they say. But i. Won’t. Let. Them.”


Thank you for your consideration, and please understand that you may be placed on a waiting list. 


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