Places I Want To Visit

Disclaimer: None of the images provided are my own.

Strand Bookstore 

What is upsetting about not visiting the Strand yet is that I’ve been to Books of Wonder twice, and The Strand is ten minutes away. What am I doing with my life?

Three Lives and Co., Manhattan, New York

Just look at how gorgeous it looks, I HAVE TO GO. It’s so peculiar that I haven’t been to it because it’s only in Manhattan. It’s not like I need to save up money to go or anything, just a couple swipes on the Metro Card. Clearly, I need to get my bookish priorities in order.

McNally Jackson

OH YES, OH HELL YES. Look at the posh signage!!!

Housing Works Bookstore, New York

This just looks amazing, and it’s odd that no one I know of has had a launch here yet because it’s gorgeous, and it’s huge. Housing Works looks like it could accommodate a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong, I love Books of Wonder but, for bigger signings; Housing Works just looks like the way to go. I suppose getting there would be the problem like uptown, midtown, downtown? Books of Wonder is probably closer for everyone, and so it just works. But Housing, though.

Rediscovered Books, Boise, Idaho

I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to visit Idaho…until I saw this! The design is just so retro, and creative and I LOVE it. Must visit. Must, must, must.

Shakespeare and Co., Montana

I also couldn’t imagine ever wanting to visit Montana, but now?? Oh, yeah. i love Shakespeare, and so I would love to check this one out.


Russian chocolate is amazing!!! Also, as cold as it is, I bet it’s beautiful, I would love to see Moscow. Also, this was the setting for a good part of A Thousand Pieces of You, and now I would love to go to the actual location shortly after a reread or while rereading for that atmospheric effect.

Myopic Books, Chicago

I am a writer, and this looks like my heaven, I would love to just sit down and write here. It just looks like a perfect atmosphere for a nice, quiet day of writing.

Heirloom Bookshop, North Carolina

OMG, the design of this is just HEART EYE EMOJISSSSSSSSSSSS.

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles

That strange curve of books just looks so surreal, and I would love the experience of walking through that environment.

What are some places bookish or otherwise that you’d love to visit?


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