September Wrap Up

NOTE: Monthly wrap-ups are quite lengthy since they encompass a month’s worth of information from me getting pretty much as personal as I get here by talking about my month (and now my writing), and posts and such. Feel free to skip to what interests you most. I strongly recommend the “Great Music I Listened To” section, as well as the Favorite Posts in The Blogosphere (the very bottom, for visitors).

My Month

-I feel a bit more adjusted in this country, although I do naturally still miss Jamaica. It’ll always be more of a home to me than America, there’s just not the same comfort here, I don’t feel nearly as calm, and not to mention the taste/quality of the food here is completely different. Besides, I fear my safety much more here, I deal with worse people here (racist bus drivers, teachers that stereotype blacks and are disrespectful to me, etc, etc.)

-I made playlists for my characters, and wrote a little more in their POVs.

– Being in school is really, really exhausting. It just takes A LOT of energy to move around, and be around so many people. It’s quite literally a personal hell with a few difficult teachers I’m forced to engage with, mountains of work to do, and a lot of pressure, stress, and expectations. I love to learn, but it’s just too much. I’d much rather be alone.

-For this month regarding art (besides the playlists) I thought of a paint concept I need to do or I’ll just die, and I’ve done a little series of poetry sort of finding something meaningful in the mundane. A few examples are litter rolling through the city, and it’s origin; being impatient for a close friend to text you back because you want to maintain the friendship and school is starting for both of you again; and being lost within your own mind…drifting away from life, a little bit. Which is more personal, and less mundane, and I’ll probably post it publicly just so any that are interested can get a taste of my work. Because it’ll be quite a while before Jabberwocky will be even half decent enough to go before the faces of the few  people I really admire, and then other nice people who have been interested can see it. Quite a while. But if you are interested, I do A LOT of poetry that I show almost no one, but there’s one that I’ll post here because you don’t know me well enough to be able to catch its meaning like the on-the-daily/weekly people (I don’t even mean IRL). So it’s alright.

-I didn’t really get to blog on the weekends in advance like I wanted, and so I got a bunch done in one week. I’ll do better next month.

– HAPPY THINGS, Y’ALL. I saw some buttons I wanted on Twitter, and B sent me them with surprises of more signed bookmarks, some signed picture like bookmark thingies, and a signed bookmark and bracelet from Mosquitoland. Which I loved. Some of the bookmarks were also “signed” by Owen & Henry, which was just cute. If you don’t know who they are, they’re Becky’s sons, and one of them that said Simon ❤s Wesaun on it, had a little thing from Adam Silvera in the back, and I was so excited being a swag collector. Also, just loving SIMON, and Mosquitoland, and Adam and the Beckminavidera crew. I have SO much Simon swag, it’s not even funny and I’m so happy about it. I have numerous signed bookmarks (two personalized), the swag Becky surprised me with, I have a personalized Simon hardcover from when I met Becky at Adam’s launch, Simon buttons, and an ARC. It all makes me so, so happy. Nothing better than swag of something you’re a fan of.

-MORE HAPPINESS: I started reading QoS, and got through so much of it in like two days, and a night. I’m taking a week-long break but I’m on chapter 58, and it shouldn’t take me long to finish it as soon as I sit down again. THE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST CURATED BY SARAH J MAAS HERSELF FOR QOS IS ON POINT. I want to check out some fan recs too when I’m done (there’s an arranged playlist already, but you can give me yours in the comments below if you so desire!).

-I got some manuscripts to beta read from some people I admire in the community, which was exciting.

-My month has overall been thoroughly exhausting, productive, artsy, and I’ve learned a bit. I wish I could stay home, and just lie down for an eternity.


– The Ice Like Fire launch will be hosted at Books of Wonder in Manhattan, New York. ( I’ll be there!) Tuesday, October 13th, 2015: 6-8 pm. There will be several authors there including: Sara Raasch, the queen herself, Amy Ewing, Kristen Simmons, and more, if memory serves me well.

Top Ten Tuesdays

Characters That Understand My Troubles

Great Music I Listened To

Here are some of my Spotify playlists where some of the songs I’m mentioning are most likely located. I listened to every song on these playlists, though. I’ll list some most listened to/faves (although I love all these songs and they encapsulate pretty much my entire existence as the most awkward human being to breathe upon this earth):

A Tale of An Awkward Adolescence
*Asterisk is my favorites of the favorites.
*Back of the Car//Nate Hendricks & RAC “I don’t get, what’s wrong with, being different, just to be different.” THIS LINE IS ME.
Teen Idle//Marina & The Diamonds (mostly for National Suicide Prevention Week, it was just fitting for me)
*Our Own House//MisterWives
The Emotion//BØRNS
*Electric Love//BØRNS
*I’m Good//The Mowgli’s
Stressed Out//Twenty One Pilots
Drive// Oh Wonder
*Fashion//The Royal Concept
Writing Life With Actions
Mad Hatter//Melanie Martinez
*Girls Like Girls//Hayley Kiyoko
Pacify Her//Melanie Martinez
*THE QUIET//Troye Sivan
*BITE//Troye Sivan
*EASE//Troye Sivan
Not On Drugs//Tove Lo
Cry Baby//Melanie Martinez
Not On Playlist: Run on Love//Tove Lo (recommended by John)
Here’s the link to the official Indie Pop Spotify playlist which is my favorite genre of music, and has some high quality art.

Trust//Half Moon Run
Sleep In//Telekinesis
*Leave A Trace//CHVRCHES
*Clearest Blue//CHVRCHES
Give Me Something//Jarryd James
Foreign Fields//Kacy Hills.

I listened to a lot of music this month, but I would’ve found NONE of it if it weren’t for John’s recommendation of the public playlist as well as a song by BØRNS, Melanie Martinez, & Halsey (as well as the recommendation for Run On Love by Tove Lo). If you don’t know who he is, I’ll be shocked because he’s literally one of the most beloved teens in this community, I talk about him all the time, and I linked to two of his posts in the final section of this wrap-up that you can check out!

Books I Read

– Brooklyn Burning by Steve Brezenoff
-Finished The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig
-Finished reading an amazing beta manuscript which I cannot name by Camryn Garret. Please watch out for her brilliance.
-Currently reading a wonderful manuscript by Jordan Villegas, another phenomenal teen writer who you should watch out for.
-Currently reading Julius Caesar for school. I love Shakespeare.
-Currently reading QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas. On chapter 58, please do not spoil me!!!

-Next Up: (if it’s still there when I get to the school library) All the Rage by Courtney Summers//manuscript by Nic Stone.

TBR Book Tag
#WritersLife Tag: The first time I really talk about writing on the blog!


Making Good Art
Gaps In YA

Favorite Posts In The Blogosphere

-Cam strikes fear of her awesomeness by calling Maggie out on her hypocrisy. Can I get an amen?!

John talks about 7 books set outside the western world

-Mark’s post shutting down those that ask why people have to be so angry on Twitter in regards to social justice issues discussed. This post made me cry. It was amazing, and I felt it hard. If you say this whether in your mind, or out loud, this is a read you need desperately.

Also, it’s privileged and shows that you have little to no empathy towards minorities speaking out against their oppression, as well as their allies uplifting their voices. You’re tired of hearing about people standing up against oppression? You want people to stop being “so angry” just because they call people out on being problematic? How about actually living with it 24/7 before you speak. You can just click away, or tune out. Other people will be suffering for the rest of their lives. It makes you uncomfortable? It makes you unhappy? You’re tired of seeing it? Wonderful. The unfair harm, harassment, and microaggressions towards people for something they are unable to EVER alter and is out of their control is a problem that plagues many while you get to sit back and complain about them speaking up. So, you know what? Stay uncomfortable. When you become uncomfortable, you should want things to change positively, not silence the recognition of the problem so progress is slower for those who suffer A LIFETIME.

-John interviews Alex Gino like the pro you already knew he was.

Marilla beginning a week long discussion in celebration of bisexuality awareness week!
Camryn discussing the lack of explicitly stating bisexuality in media, and the ridicule/disrespect of bisexuals in media.
Shira Glassman discusses the importance of proper bi representation in literature so that kids questioning their sexuality know that it’s okay to be have both same gender attraction as well as other gender attraction.
Claire’s amazing post for Bisexual Awareness Week over at Gay YA: On Failing To Recognize Ourselves In Mirrors

-Kept it pretty serious this month. How was your month? What was some music you listened to, books you read, things you did that you want to talk about, some great posts you read in the blogosphere or what do you think of any of the posts that I found most important to shout out? Or do you have your own wrap ups that you want to link to? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. DUDE THE MUSIC YOU LISTEN TO 😍 Perf. All of the Halsey songs and Troupe Sivans songs are my absolute favourites! I adore Haunting by Halsey too. Give Me Something by Jarryd James is fabulous!

    Wonderful post! I love lengthy posts honestly and I loved reading this one! I definitely know your feeling with school. After four years of being enthusiastic about school and learning, now that I’m graduating from high school and I’ve got my last two sets of exams, it’s like the weight of those four years has crashed down all at once on my head!

    xoxo 💋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I don’t listen to a lot of music but that’s awesome you found so many cool songs! 😀 And YAY for settling in a bit better to your new surroundings. Although I always find big changes like moving states hard, so I can’t even imagine moving countries. o.O I hope school gets a bit easier. Constant stress is so draining. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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