Growing Apart From Disney

About mid-2012, late 2013 I sort of grew apart from Disney, and dropped a lot of TV. The shows were becoming trash, and just plain old propaganda and I don’t watch that many Disney/Pixar movies, either. The last one I watched was either Wreck It Ralph or Despicable Me 2. It’s always a sad realization when you grow a little, and your interest wanes in something you once loved. This will be a rather nostalgic post just popping out some childhood shows I miss. Shows I used to (and still would) get up at midnight or 5am to watch. Show that makes me go “Oh man, those were the days.”

In regards to my TV history from being small it went from Playhouse Disney to Nick @ Nite to TeenNick to Lifetime movies to Disney again, and ABCFamily which I have been mainly watching for the last few years, and I stopped watching TV as much as I did when I was younger. i don’t really watch reruns either, or daytime television when i’m bored. I started reading a lot more (YAY!) in my leisure even though I was always an avid reader, and now only watch a handful of TV shows live or on demand if I’m too busy to watch them during the week. I recently stopped watching Pretty Little Liars, I also used to watch Switched At Birth, The Fosters (which I do now but I’m behind), Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, Chasing Life (need to catch up), Young &*Hungry (because I love food, and I probably would continue this because of Emily Osment…Hannah Montana attachment days).

I watch How To Get Away With Murder, and Mr. Robot with fervor. Like, i spent a whole day just binge watching Mr. Robot, and I never let myself fall behind on HTGAWM despite school, I would frequently stay up and watch it live, although I did sometimes watch it on demand. Both are shows with acting that commands attention,and causes jaws to drop, and gives chills…and makes all other shows inferior especially since I watched a lot of ABC family shows, I didn’t see real good acting until Viola Davis. Damn. Annalise Keating commanding a courtroom, or anywhere. DAAAMN. Rami Malek is an amazing actor, OMG. his role as Elliot drives me mad. I mean, seriously, the acting for these too is so good that I have re-watched episodes (How To Get Away With Murder) and will continue to for Mr. Robot. Agent Carter is also another amazing show that I am obsessed with.

On to the childhood shows!

Kim Possible

I mean, Kim was such a badass. This was probably the start of seeing stronger females in our media for me. I loved Ron & Wayne too. THE NOSTALGIA. 

That’s So Raven

OMG, I watched this on a loop, and was excited for every new episode. I spent the better part of last summer (summer 2014) watching every/any episode I could find on Youtube to re-live the good ol’ days.

Lizzie McGuire


Hannah Montana

Doesn’t everyone get nostalgic at Miley’s best of both world days? I remember Hannah Montana Forever was JUST SO DEVASTATING to me, also beautiful meaning because of the whle carry it in your heart forever thing? i have a DVD of several episodes & the movie. My room has hidden Hannah Montana stickers from when we just moved when I WAS 7. It was originally gonna be Wizards of Waverly Place when we moved out of the house to the apartment but the store didn’t have it.

Wizards of Waverly Place

Everything good on Disney went with the conclusion of this show. I remember I was so excited when they had an encore episode, that was the best for me. I watched the movie at least 3 times (which is the usual amount I’ve watched my favorite movies).

Even Stevens

Man, those were the days. My sister and I spent a few weeks re-watching it before she went off to college. Oh, the memories.

Phil From The Future

This has to be the vaguest in my memory, but I remember loving the futuristic aspects of it. Damn, this is a major throwback.

Hey Arnold

What better shows than the ones from the 90s? I binge-watched this about two summers ago, and I was obsessed with this show.

Drake & Josh

I would watch episode after episode. If you wanted me busy for a few hours, you had to turn on Drake & Josh.

Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Every morning for years. i even watched Suite Life on Deck.

Kenan & Kel

The 90s shows were everything. I remember staying up for this show because I loved how it was organized with the stage and everything.

Full House

Don’t pretend you weren’t excited over the news of Fuller House. Every night before bed, i’d stay up until 9 (scandalous) and watch the daily marathons. This was my show. JESSE! MICHELLE! I was obsessed with the Olson twins for a while because of this show.

George Lopez

This was my show, I loved it. George’s “i got this” just lit up my little life.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Don’t pretend you weren’t sad entering 2015 without James Avery. This is another show you put on to get me to settle down. I loved the theme song, and occasionally search it out and watch it at midnight.

The Nanny

I watched this almost every morning it came on, I loved Franny and if you didn’t know I love stories set in NYC, and i was actually born in the setting of this show (Flushing).

What were some things you watched a kid or pre-teen? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you live outside the US because I’m curious 🙂 


7 thoughts on “Growing Apart From Disney

  1. O.M.G. I agree to every single one of these girl! Those were the days! I can’t even lost any new ones because you’ve named them all. Everything has changed now. Did you get into Sonny with a chance with Demi Lovato? I never did but that was the only show I can remember that isn’t on your list. Nope…wait, I lie. How about the Amanda Bynes show? Or All That? Rugrats? Cat dog? Gosh. There are so many. *cries foreva*


  2. I can feel waves of nostalgia coming off this post and I haven’t even watched pretty much any of these! (Maybe an episode or two of Kim Possible and Wizards of Waverly Place). But just like you I hardly ever watch TV! The only time I watch shows is on my beloved Netflix (and I don’t even have enough time to watch anything but Gossip Girl right now, thanks to school 😑).
    But gosh it’s wonderful to look back at some of your most beloved shows! I remember enjoying Hannah Montanna so much!
    Great post, I loved it! 😁

    xoxo, @ Josie’s Book Corner

    Liked by 1 person

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