Beautiful People: September

This feature is for writers and was created by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further & Further….Up/More? Sorry, it’s my first one, forgive me, I’ll do better in October.

So let’s talk about my characters! I really haven’t gotten too deep into them, although I have started basic development. I’ve written in their perspectives, I’ve discovered some basic facts about them, I’ve made playlists. So, we’ll see how this goes down. I have quite a few characters in this story, but let’s focus on the MCs. Today you’ll meet: Ayra, Ai-shi, Lilo & Fraser! To be clear, Ayra is married to Ai-shi, and they rule a dragon clan together, and it’s the same way with Lilo and Fraser!

Ayra is intelligent, beautiful, and sassy. Ai-Shi is a critical thinking weapon, and she is confident and not too into really showing much emotion lest she get hurt. Lilo is totally loving, but sort of…protective of himself. Fraser would give his life for a stranger, he doesn’t really believe his has worth beyond helping others who need it. His perspective on that alters as he is able to have his first real friendship, and relationship with Lilo. It’s not a, “Being in love changed me.” thing. It’s really not being around/worrying about his parents now that they’re gone. His parents, specifically his mother, kept him sheltered, and that got in the way of him being able to make friendships.

The working title of my NaNo at this present moment is Jabberwocky. Here is the premise: Two black queer queens who transform into dragons and fight against other queer clans to get a time bomb of a dragon. That dragon is the Jabberwocky from Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I will be NaNo-ing it this coming November.

1.  They’re in a crisis: who would they really like to see right now?

Ayra, in one of her depressive episodes, would want to be comforted by her wife, Ai-Shi, who’s almost always at work during these episodes. Ai-Shi, as a child, would’ve wanted to be with her parents, especially her loving mother and predecessor, Queen Marietta Liu-Qiao Harris. Sadly her parents perished a month after her marriage, and now Ai-Shi finds comfort in herself. Lilo would want Fraser, and Fraser would long for the comfort of his mother who protected him, and sheltered him for several years, and who he knows he will never see again, he doesn’t even know where she is.

2. Are they easy to get along with?
Ayra can tear down all that you are in a single monologue. Ai-shi thinks that Ayra is friendlier than she is, and tends to avoid being too warm in public. She feels like more of a mother of her clan, and thus isn’t too quick to let down her facade in order to stay focused on what her people need. Lilo definitely isn’t the most open of characters, but he does do his best to be agreeable as he can, he’s pretty formal to strangers overall. Fraser will lay down his life and suffer in silence if it means keeping the ones he loves at ease.

3. Who was the last person they had a deep conversation with?

Ayra and Ai-Shi last had a deep conversation with each other about the state of their relationship whilst trying to keep a firm rule. For Fraser, his mother, who he hasn’t seen since the night he got engaged.  For Lilo, he would consider it to be Fraser, who is the only one he’s genuinely himself with. Lilo, being in royalty since birth, never had any friends from the outside besides Ai-Shi…but that didn’t go too well, and so he was isolated for the latter majority of his life after a schism between them (being Lilo and Ai-Shi) in their younger years.

4. They’re in the middle of a huge crowd of people: how do they feel?

Ai-Shi is just owning the crowd. Every eye and ear belongs to her. Ayra would rather be in solitude. Fraser can blend in, and sort of float away into his own thoughts. Lilo appears sure of himself, and seems jubilant and carefree around his people.

5. Do they believe in luck or miracles?

They believe in hard work, and making things happen for themselves.

6. Do they like and get along with their neighbours?

They fight with each other, and their other neighbors. Definitely not the type to bring over pie to a new clan.

7. If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?

They actually wouldn’t travel anywhere that wouldn’t give them an advantage in the conflict of the story because they’re really determined to be the ones to obtain the Jabberwocky, and the advantage of doing so for their respective kingdoms.

8. How do they feel about their body?

Ai-Shi isn’t really all that aware that she is in a body; she feels pretty outside of her self because of the facade she’s holding up in public.  Ayra has insecurities that can be lethal during her depressive episodes, but otherwise is on a high horse and knows her worth.  Lilo is secure about his body, he carries himself in a nonchalant, almost arrogant manner. Fraser is always more focused on others than himself, although he can be a bit timid.

9. What is the cruellest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?

Fraser being told that he had to keep a secret from his dad for his own safety was terrible for him. It was hard for him to realize that his father’s love wasn’t limitless. Lilo never was told anything distinctly cruel, but he’s always felt sort of dehumanized by his parents simply because they weren’t all that loving to him, they focused on preparing him to rule, to be a fit heir and to be able to smile and act convincingly for the camera, so to speak. He was more of a figure, a symbol of the future rather than an actual person. That made things difficult for him growing up. He didn’t love his mother, and his relationship with his father (not even his biological father) was fragile. Ai-Shi never took anything as cruel, because she was always shutting shit down whenever someone would even imply something she disliked. She owned them. Ayra’s cruellest words were to herself, honestly. Her fathers were loving to her but she felt sort of responsible for the death of her surrogate mother. Her surrogate mother was a kind, courageous woman who was the best friend of her fathers, and perished shortly after giving birth to her, and because of all the positive stories that her fathers had about their childhood with her mother; she hated herself for being born, and living while her wonderful mother did not for a really long time.

10. What’s the kindest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?

For Ayra, nothing is better than the final words of her surrogate mother, Aiyanna, to her fathers, Rufus & Orson, that she would be great and already was at her birth. It’s what she uses to fuel herself when she feels empty. For Ai-Shi, it’s completely about being feared yet admired by those around her. Not even the words, but the influence she has on those she knows gives her strength. For Fraser, it’s the word, “Okay.” which is the last word he hears from his mother before she disappears with his father because they did not approve of Fraser ruling with Lilo. Fraser’s parents were not fond of the royal family, and didn’t want Fraser to be as haughty as them. They had a conversation about it, and his mother’s telling him that they [his parents] will have to leave, and that they cannot stay with him. And Fraser is just saying he can make it work, their lives can be great—all of them—and for his mother to sleep with him in his bed that night, and she agrees, and says, “Okay.” By morning, she and his father are gone, and he moves in with Lilo, and never sees them again. For Lilo, it’s the news of acceptance from Fraser, after he does something reprehensible. Fraser is totally accepting, and is all, “I got your back.” and it means A LOT to Lilo because he could be sentenced to death if Fraser spilled.

So, that’s a little about my characters. This really helped me get to know them, and I’ll definitely be participating in the future. It feels good to talk about writing. Tell me what you’re writing, writers! 


3 thoughts on “Beautiful People: September

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    DID YOU JUST SAY DRAGONS AND ALSO ALICE IN WONDERLAND? HELLO THE TWO BEST THINGS OF EVER. *flails wildly* This. is. amazing. XD Bring on Novemberrrrr!!! *continues flailing, like, permanently*
    And thanks for linking up with us! 😀 WOOOOOT!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EEEEEEEK OMG JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS NANO SEEMS AWESOME. I am clinging to everything you tell us about it.
    All your answers are fabulous! I think the whole concept of the queer society in general is pretty awesome, and from what you’ve told us, that isn’t the, necessarily, main-ish focus of the book? Like, it’s not the driving factor, which I also find awesome.
    Of course, I could also be wrong on said above stuff, so feel free to correct me XD

    Liked by 1 person

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