100 Followers, ALREADY?!

Oh my God. Oh my god. Whoa. WHOAAAA. I have quite a few people to thank because i need you to follow their blogs/social media and some people I will literally thank for that reason alone even though this isn’t technically a big deal. You know I love being a “volunteer publicist” when it comes to these things so I’m shouting a variety of people that have even done one great thing because I need you to follow them. Please follow the people that I’m randomly thanking, and linking or at least check them out because this took a lot of time, and I am grateful. 🙂


19 thoughts on “100 Followers, ALREADY?!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you, and you have the right to freak out in happiness and joy about this! You are going to soar up to many MANY more followers in no time, it’s such a joy to read your posts whenever you make one ❤


  2. This post made me so incredibly happy because you sound so proud of yourself! And I’m proud for you! You’ve done an insane amount of networking (more than me lol) and your posts are always on point! I’m totally late with this (I blame school) but I still think that your 100 follower milestone is amazing and worth celebrating! GO WESAUN! 🙂

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