August Break (26-31) (Conclusion)

Here’s the original post from which August Break stemmed from here.

Here are my other August Break Posts.

1. August Break (01-08)
2. August Break (09-14)
3. August Break (15-25)
4. You are here at the first final August Break post for this year!!! (August Break 26-31)

I learned about this from Ri @ Hiver Et Cafe. Her blog is linked in the first and third August Break post. And although I was busy, and didn’t ALWAYS get to take a photo prompt on the specific day, (especially this week) I had fun with the concept of it, and I’ll definitely be doing it again next year maybe more doing the daily prompt on the specific day, although there are no real rules except to follow the prompts! I think it’s interesting and creative and I loved seeing Ri’s gorgeous pictures. Also, it just felt good to do something creative for the blog. Not that I feel the blog isn’t creative enough or anything like that, but it felt good to do something non book related on the blog.

26. Door


This is the door to my bedroom which I decorated throughout elementary school.

27. Favourite Recipe


made with 3 cups of hard work
1 cup of the feels of readers (optional)
1/2 tablespoon of talent when it comes to writing
4 cups of eternal love for writing
1 cup of love of books
1/7 the courage to raise a sword, hop on a dragon, and pursue your dreams in an impavid manner

28. In My Bag


I have several bags.
Here is everything that are in them:

I have this bag that my aunt bought me for my birthday from India (or Macy’s, I can’t quite remember which she said) for my birthday this summer. It holds my glasses cleaner, a cloth, and a couple of unopened bags of Cheez-its and some unopened Oreo packages, a few highlighters and a package of tissues that are unused from Walgreen’s.

From the same aunt, I have a brown leather bag with numerous compartments, and has a gold button, and brown leather noose like knot that you place over the gold button to close it. It has a package of Oreos, and I like to bring it to the library sometimes instead of my Century 21 canvas bag to carry books easier when I’m going without a backpack (because sometimes I go to the library after school to pick up holds.) It looks kind of like a file folder.

I have a PINK brand bookbag which holds my books I brought on vacation, as well as other basic things like hidden money, a broken watch, and some candy. I have my bookbag from last school year (purple with black in like a patchwork/retro triangles style) which holds a binder from my science extracurricular and holds some of the articles I’ve been mandated to collect, and a couple of utensils.

I have my bookbag for this school year (which is tomorrow) which is black (my favorite color), durable with many compartments because I am a practical one. It will carry 7 binders for my classes, a handful of various utensils: pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers…, the book I’m currently reading (because I never go to school without a book in case there are snippets of free spaces in class when I’ve finished work so I may read and there’s lunch).  Another bookmark I like in case I want to change it enclosed in a ziplock to a) keep the signature and bookmark clean or b) just because I don’t want that bookmark damaged. It may be in its small packaging from the store. It’ll carry the snap back I will be asked to take off multiple times in the day, some deodorant for gym, lip balm, some money for the vending machine/buying ice cream, and of course Oreos—I will need comfort food; as well as my glasses case, cloth, and cleaner, my Metro Card (New York transit pass), and an extra book to keep in my locker in case I finish the first during school. Oh, and occasionally a case of clothes to keep in my locker for gym. Oh, and also my phone, earbuds, and my charger (because one should never go without a charger, you never know.) because I’ll have a few teachers that would allow me to charge my phone if necessary although I tend to bring it fully charged, and off until lunch, and then off after lunch or just if someone asks to borrow a charger which happens regularly.

29. Listening


30. Smile


31. August Was…


Reads: Full of great memories, great music, and great people.

Thanks for reading 🙂 How was your August??


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