{ARC Review} Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Title: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Release Date: September 1st, 2015

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Favorite Quote: “There are entire worlds that exist just beneath our notice of them.”

Official Rating: 3.5 stars

Thoughts During The Read: *cackles*

Aw, this is such a sweet story.

The writing is pretty good.

Thank you to Nic Stone, author of upcoming debut dear Martin in January 2017,for giving me this book to read, and review. This is an advanced copy of uncorrected proofs, no quotes provided are final.

Like you may or may have not read in my A Monster Calls review from Saturday, I am a bit critical about the quality of writing. So what do I think of the writing of Everything, Everything you ask? It was…good. It wasn’t anything to scream and shout about. It managed to evoke some emotion out of me, although not nearly as much as A Monster Calls, and there were quite a few sentences in the book that i found beautiful. So, the writing in this debut was good, if not great. I can’t really compare the work of a debut author to someone as experienced as Ness, BUUT that is now my standard of excellent writing, and I think how I measure the quality of writing will always come back to Ness. Simply because Ness’s writing brought out more emotion in me, and immersed me deeper in than I had been in a long time, but I digress.

We watch the way the water pulls back and turns over and beats against the sand, trying to wear the earth away. And even though it doesn’t succeed, it pulls back and pounds the shore again and again, as if there were no last time and there is no next time and this time is the time that counts.

Madeline is half Japanese, and half black. Nothing is really said about her heritage besides the fact that her middle name is Furukawa, so I can’t say if there was any possible misrepresentation, and so I assume not. It’s nice to have a non-white character in a contemporary like this, I always feel it’s a step towards progress. I feel Maddy was really well developed between her narrating the story, and her being surrounded by other characters that mostly had known her for a while. I think she was written well enough for me to be able to somewhat connect to her, and care about her thoughts and feelings without being bored. I do think some of the decisions that Maddy made were a bit unrealistic. Giving examples would be spoilers, and this is a spoiler free review.. let’s just say some key decisions in the end were a bit unrealistic. There was one stupid decision that I did root for, and was happy to see despite possible consequences; if you have read this novel, and would like to know, then just ask in the comments below because no spoilers! I felt that this writing of this character was okay, good even, and I do like the intelligence of the characters and the somewhat lyrical writing here and there.

Olly, the main character’s love interest, what to say about him…I do feel that the development of this character was somewhat under-cooked, if you know what i’m saying. He’s definitely not flat, he was developed enough to be realistic, but I feel there were certain things going on with him that could’ve been expanded a bit more. I did enjoy him as a character, though.

The mother, I hated her. I felt that she was too clingy, and a bit over-the-top, and I do wish that her possessiveness had been toned down, just a bit. There are circumstances that justify, and somewhat validate the mother being this way…but i just didn’t like her, she annoyed me. Especially with certain key decisions the mother makes in this book, I found myself saying, “Whoa, lady. SLOW. YOUR. ROLL.” And this is actually not a negative point in the book at all, it shows decent writing that I was able to even muster up the energy to hate the mother at all even if it probably wasn’t the author’s initial intention.

Carla was a side character that I really loved, and I do feel that she was well developed, especially as a minor character. I want more of her now that I’m done with the story. Zach is another minor character who comes in later in the story, and although I wish we had more time with him and that he was better developed, he was another character that I really liked.

The ending of this novel, as you have probably heard, is what will make or break this novel for you. It made it for me, it totally made it. I cackled, and was probably rolling around in my bed laughing loudly for a good 5 minutes, it was good. Real good. Nicola is a genius. I love stories that have this kind of ending. Overall, I definitely would 10/10 recommend this novel. It was a light, cute story that found its way to unfreeze my cold, black heart, and I look forward to MAYBE reading more of these stories, and Nicola’s work in the future. I recommend buying it, this book is a beautiful book to own.

Have you read this novel? If so, what did you think? Are you planning or not planning to read this novel if you haven’t already read it? Why or why not? Let’s get chattin’ in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “{ARC Review} Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

  1. It probably would’ve been smart for me to join in ARC August but I didn’t… :/ I’m so behind. Everything, Everything is one of the titles I need to read. Since this seems to be one of the books that has been receiving a lot of hype for exploring diversity, I’m looking forward to reading about Madeline’s story. I’m glad you enjoyed this overall!

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  2. I have been waiting for this book to be released so that I could get it HAHA I think I was more interested in the fact that she could not get out of the house. But it’s nice to know that there are awesome side characters. I always look forward to them 😉

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  3. Great review! I totally know what you mean about the writing. Compared to Patrick Ness, her writing is somewhat good.
    Im glad you enjoyed it. It does have that hint of cultural diversity that I wish was explored. And Olly’s character could have been developed a bit more, he could have been given more depth and complexity, but it only skimmed the surface.
    The twist at the end shocked me! I think I had my mouth gaping for quite a while after reading it.
    xoxo 💋

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  4. I wish that more was said about her diversity but I understand why Yoon didn’t expand too much. It might have taken away from the main points of the book if it got too big but I really did want more than it just being mentioned in passing.
    Yeah Maddy is a bit dumb at times but her overall intelligence is pretty awesome! I loved that she was a huge reader.
    AND YES. I think that so much more could have been done with Olly’s issues and character especially since Everything, Everything was such a quick read. But he was realistic and the romance was pretty cute so it was overall, okay.
    LOL the ending kind of made it okay to me that the disease wasn’t as expanded on. I still wish that there was more to the medical aspect but knowing the ending, it makes so much sense that it wouldn’t be a huge part of it XD

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