August Break 2015 (01-07)

I’m not a photographer, but there is something beautiful about photography. The intricate details found in a simple picture, or the meaning behind it. I love the power found in a good photo, the way it can just take your breath away. I found out about this through Ri @ Hiver Et Café.
You can find out more information about this easygoing artsy happening here. There are daily prompts, and so I will be posting a week’s worth of prompts here.

1. Breakfast


This actually wasn’t my breakfast today (8/06) because today was independence day, and I ended up having breakfast on the plane to my other home. Independence Day, not for America, obviously, but for Jamaica, which is my family’s home country.

2. Air


The sky in a borough somewhere in the city of New York.

3. Skin


4. Numbers


5. Citrus


Mango we brought from Jamaica.

6. Notebook


This is my well used, well loved blogging notebook. It’s a five subject and almost completely full. It also has a WIP, and a couple of old poems in it from a few summers ago.

7. 5 Facts About Me


8. Smooth


The little ledge by one of the windows in the kitchen.


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