{ARC REVIEW} Hollywood Witch Hunter by Valerie Tejeda

Title: Hollywood Witch Hunter
Author: Valerie Tejeda
Release Date: July 20th, 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s/Young Adult
Favorite Quote: “The self doubt was playing loudly, overpowering all her personal pros and shouting the cons on repeat.”
Thoughts: YES!
What an ending.
Official Rating: 2 stars
Disclaimer: This is an advance review copy granted to me by Netgalley and Bloomsbury. This, in no way, affects my opinion on the literature being reviewed.

The beginning had a tone that was meant to be intriguing—and the prologue was towards the end–however the disaster following a woman not getting a role to be a star is a little over the top. There were times when one could be confused—was this supposed to be entertaining, or thrilling? “Her body tensed and she felt a flurry of hives creeping up her neck. ‘You don’t know everything’, she snapped…” Iris Maria Bently’s constant snapping, growling, and snarling made it a bit difficult to take her seriously.

The dialogue could be improved. There were simplistic, mundane answers that could be a bit off-putting for a reader. Dialogue is a huge part of any novel; and for this one—it fell flat and didn’t have the great impact it could have had. ” ‘This can’t be happening.’ She mumbled to herself. ‘Oh. It is.’ ” There needs to be some work on any mysterious aspects being done. Belinda being described as “the girl with lavender eyes” was more of an irritant than initiating curiosity within a reader.

One of the positive points of this novel was how it tackled feminism by showing the sexism Iris (the MC) endured.

There were times when this novel could’ve had suspense, but due to the playful nature of the characters…the suspense wasn’t achieved, and flopped. “He paused. Iris could hear him breathing heavily through the com. The anticipation set her nerves on fire. ‘Iris’ he paused again and took a long breath…” It was also drawn out longer then necessary, which could turn one’s anticipation into irritation.

There were instances of good world building. When Iris had to explain the powers of witches to Arlo (the love interest), and when witches explained themselves (the category they were in: Matas,Curas, Protas,etc). However, there were a lot of unnecessary pauses or actions from the characters. Also, there was an over emphasized incident, which I will not reveal.

There were a lot of dramatic pausings and endings in the story, which were good—but again—the dialogue and description needs work. ” ‘No, it was not Belinda.’ ‘Then who was it?’ Iris asked. ‘Your worst nightmare.’ ” These characters are supposed to be badass hunters and badass witches so the dialogue came across as ridicule rather than badassery.

This novel did not end poorly. There were some sassy moments, some quotable moments, some apocalyptic moments; as well as a 360 head turning plot twist. This novel, despite its issues, was somewhat satisifying.

Are you going to read Hollywood Witch Hunter? If not, why? Have you already? What did you think about it? Thanks for reading, and I’m interested in your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “{ARC REVIEW} Hollywood Witch Hunter by Valerie Tejeda

  1. No ma’am, I’ve never read Hollywood Witch Hunter and I don’t think I will mainly because everything just sounds kind of….cheesy? Like you, dialogue plays a huge part in my reading process and if it doesn’t flow and isn’t smooth/relatable, Keionda won’t approve. Lovely review Wesaun! (Also, how do you pronounce your name?) Just curious. 😉


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