The Infinity Dreams Award

Thank you to Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books for tagging me. Wow, I’m being tagged for all the awards! Thank you, and now I shall tell you 7 of my dreams. If I am anywhere non book or art related, I am probably not all there, if you know what I mean. There are times when I live in the moment, but I prefer to float in it. Sometimes, I’m planning, sometimes I’m daydreaming; and sometimes I’m pondering…but mostly, just floating, if that makes any sense at all.

1. I want to go to BEA, otherwise known as Book Expo America. I’ve been saving up for over a year, and hope to go this year. But, what I really, really want is for there to be a program where book people who do not live in the United States can have free flights and transportation. It would make things so much easier. That way, everyone could go, and there’s no sadness that your international fellow blogging friend cannot go. There’s just the joy.

2. I want to go to the MMA, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th avenue. Not to be confused with the MoMa, or the Museum of Modern Art which I have been to; I want to see some classical art, though.

3. I wish for a job in publishing. Either being an editor, or an agent, and to be associated with an imprint of Harper Collins or Harper, itself. As for an agent, I’d probably go with The Bent Agency.

4. I wish for my quick impulse to create poetry to work just as quickly, and frequently, with my ideas for original discussion posts, and other content. I have a few ideas that I haven’t started on, and a bunch that are outlined on paper that are not yet typed or edited; but I wish these ideas came faster.

5. I wish to move to Brooklyn. I admire the artistic atmosphere of BK. The creative architecture, and graffiti fascinates me.

6. I desire to meet Paula Stokes, who is the author of Liars Inc. It’s amazing, and you should check it out. We started talking before March, and I still haven’t met her. COME TO NEW YORK, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

7. I want to enjoy the wonderful things of this book community as a whole—the unity, the discussion, and the book events—for as long as I possibly can. As well as the artists in the subways of my home, the dancing, and the music that hardly anyone stops to pay for…the beauty of this city, this art, and its madness for years to come.

I want to know the dreams of these bloggers:


12 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. I just LOVED hearing about what you have to say about your dreams. To tell you the truth, my dream would be to visit NY one day. Gosh, that would be epic. Although I’m not a fan of huge crowds and have a serious issue with people Invading my personal bubble. But anywho, lovely answers girl and thanks for the tag!β™‘β™‘


  2. Thank you for participating! I loved reading about your dreams. I would love to go to BEA, too, but well if only they would help me afford a plane ticket, why am I living so far away 😦 . You’re lucky to live in New York, I really love this city! πŸ™‚
    I would love to work in publishing, too, it’s probably one of my biggest dream, let’s hope we can make it happen someday πŸ™‚


  3. I love that all of your dreams involve reading/literature and (somewhat) travel! Every time you mention NY and your life there, I always have an urge to go! And seriously, that really would make things easier. I really want to meet a lot of my international blogger friends too. And thank you for the tag!


  4. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I so want to go to BEA too!! IT SOUNDS AMAZING. Australia has a version, but, bah, it’s completely different and I don’t even think they give out books. Boo. What’s the point?! πŸ˜‰ These are such excellent dreams and I hope you get there one day!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  5. Was fun reading all your answers. I wish I had known when I was younger that that was what I wanted. It took me way too long to figure it out! I even lived in NYC for a while. I wrote, and nannied, and did photography. I applied for a job at a lit agency, but it was basically a file clerk with zero chance for moving up and I think they could tell I wouldn’t be happy with that (even though it payed ridiculously well) so I didn’t get it. But I didn’t understand back then that I really wanted to work in publishing, and I knew so little about what that entailed (internships) and that I really needed to be in New York for that, so when I moved back to AZ to be closer to my nieces and nephews while they are young I kind of gave up on it as an option for a while. It’s just the last year or so I’ve found ways around it. Found internships that I can do remotely, editorial firms that are based in the UK, but hire editors from all over the world. And I work for a small local press here in AZ as well which has been a great learning experience too. So hopefully, in another couple years when I’m ready to come back to NYC (which was always the plan–no place has ever felt more like home to me, from the first day that I visited), I will have a good resume and a few years of publishing experience under my belt and not be walking into it as a complete and utter newbie. Ok, sorry for the rambling… LOL. I’ll ramble more on my own blog when I answer your tag, just not sure when I’ll get to it. πŸ˜‰


  6. I finally got around to reading these tags/awards. HA. Thank you Wesaun! I’m absolutely with you on the BEA dream! I’m hoping (and praying) they move it back to NYC tho. And working for HarperCollins? That would be super awesome! Brooks is the only person I know from the Bent Agency but I’ve only loved the works he’s represented so far.

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