The Real Neat Blog Award

Honestly, as soon as I saw this in my comments, my first thought was, “This has to be a mistake.” I proceeded to actually refresh my comments. It wasn’t. I’m…beyond shocked that someone actually nominated me for this. Wow. Excuse my awkwardness…thanks, Trisha Ann. I’ll miss your blog, I can no longer find it because it says it has been deleted. All the frowny faces. But, you are the absolute best.

Paranormal/Dystopian or reality-based novels?

I haven’t read Paranormal. I don’t really want to, either. It doesn’t interest me, or gives me the heebie-jeebies. I would have to choose reality-based novels because they seem to evoke all the feels. I like books that make me feel something, you know? And that may seem super vague, because every book makes you feel something. But, I likeΒ  books about mental illness. I like books with originality, not just in plot or writing style, but in their characters. I like books that may renew certain aspects of yourself, and can make you laugh in real life. I like books that get the gears of my mind turning. “Art wasn’t supposed to be pretty. It was supposed to make you feel something.” – Eleanor & Park

2. Young adult or new adult?

This one’s obvious. Young adult. I will admit I haven’t read too much (or any) new adult. But, I enjoy being able to relate to YA. I hate when people say teenagers utilizing their vernacular is unrealistic. Because, I’m one of those teens, like. There were those that commented that Hazel & Augustus using decent vocab was not how teens spoke. And, yes, not all teens speak that way…but don’t make generalizations. Also, you probably noticed, but I hate when people make judgements on YA lit based on the movies. Just…no, your argument is invalid.

3. A story that made you laugh or cry (both in a good way)

I do not usually cry at books, honestly. I guess I’m cold hearted. I can get choked up, but it probably isn’t for something good. I don’t cry unless it’s serious; and crying because of books isn’t serious enough to turn on the waterworks for me. Not that there is anything wrong with anyone who does cry at books. I’m not here to judge you. A story that made me laugh…just one? Okay, let’s go with Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli! Because I never pass up a chance to give that novel some free publicity.

4. High school or college life?

Uh. Is this a personal question or—

I’m currently living the high school life. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other if a book involves high school. It is okay to be able to relate to the AP kids, and I suppose I’m good with reading that. But, I don’t need a book that talks a lot about that.

5. Handsome/pretty book protagonists or not so much?

Describing of good looks makes me roll my eyes. I don’t really care much about what the character looks like, although I do need enough information to be able to visualize them. So, let’s go with not so much.

6. (I didn’t write down the question, and can no longer return to the original post)

I will never read The Infernal Devices, most likely, although I am considering it due to another blogger’s recommendation. So, I do not have a ship at this time.

7. Has there been a book that made you unable to move on with life?

I usually don’t get too personal here, but whatever. I’m pretty good at not allowing literature to affect my mental health. I went into More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera knowing nothing despite reading the synopsis, and going to the launch. I sort of tuned it out, I guess, or suicide/depression didn’t register. I had to put down this novel for two days after reading a real emotional part of it, otherwise known as Part 0. After finishing this spectacular novel, I was ill for about 2-3 weeks.Β  It was, and is, a work of art. I will continue to recommend this novel to those around me, with the caution to emotionally prepare.

I’m tagging people who are actually deserving of this award. Please follow their wonderful blogs!


14 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Great answers! I guess you can tell that I’m a big fantasy/paranormal fan but I totally get and respect your reasoning for why you’re not interested in the genre. Contemporary novels do have their appeal and I’d like to read more ya books that explore mental illnesses. As for Trisha’s blog. I just checked and it’s still active. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the tag, Wesaun! πŸ˜€


  2. Wesaun! Better Nate than never. No, wait. Late? Yeah. So. Wow. I didn’t know you got sick after MHTN. That sucker-punching Part Zero is prolly my favorite part of the book, because I’m a masochist like that. Thank you so much for the nomination! I agree with what you said on YA and teen vernacular.


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