Blog Olympics #3: What Makes A Book A Favorite?

This is the third discussion post for Blog Olympics. Blog Olympics was created and hosted by Books, Tea, and A Onesie and Always Opinionated Girl.

I know a book’s going to be a favorite when I open it and the voice it starts with immediately brings a smile to my face. Or makes me raise an eyebrow. Better yet, when it pulls me in with the character’s emotion.

A book becomes a favorite when I can’t help but turn page after page–only to slow down because I want to savor the beauty of this life changing story. It gains meaning to me as the writing style flows. As the character slowly develops. The plot twists jump in and the cheers increase; and my wallet feels pain as I shut the book and hiss “Auto buy authorrr.” A book becomes a favorite when the words stop being just words and become a movie I’m engrossed in.

So, to summarize: What makes book a favorite to me is characters that I can relate to or truly love/hate. A book becomes a favorite with an original voice: a voice that I don’t see too much of or voice that I’ve seen before that I hold close to my heart. A book becomes a favorite to me when I stop analyzing it and start cheering for it

What makes a book a favorite for you?

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2 thoughts on “Blog Olympics #3: What Makes A Book A Favorite?

  1. I think this is interesting because my opinion kind of differs from yours. What you described makes a five star read for me but i doesn’t necessarily make a favorite. What makes a favorite for me is when I want to re read a book. I barely ever re read books but when i feel the urge to read something again but also get feels like i’m reading it the first time, that’s truly what makes it a favorite.


    • Cool! Nothing wrong with a differing opinion! Thank you for sharing–that sounds wonderful. I love having a lot of favorites!—I am not a rereader. Where is the time,nowadays. You know? I can reread passages,but although I have a few I *would* reread. It isn’t likely I will. Thanks for stopping by, Nova!


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