PSA: Coming Out E-Cards

SOOO John Hansen made these amazing, hilarious and thoughtful coming out e-cards at:!

They are free, downloadable cards that you can send to recently openly queer family members or friends.

Who is John Hansen?

John Hansen is a YA writer, a book geek, a Lucille Bluth enthusiast, and the creator of the #VeryRealisticYA hashtag.

Examples of The E-Cards (




Basic Questions I Asked John

What made you turn this from just an idea into an actual reality? When did you feel like you had to do it?

John: The concept of coming-out-oriented greeting cards is actually something I’ve had in my head for a while, but it wasn’t until about a
month ago that I decided that I personally wanted to make them a reality. I decided that I wanted to use my web presence to do something really positive, and the first thing that came to mind were these Coming Out Cards.

Did you do all the graphics/jokes etc on your own? Or did you have someone help you?

John: I did all of the designs and drafts myself, though I made tweaks to some of the cards (and cut others) based on feedback I received from some awesome queer friends.

Do you think you’ll be doing more positive projects like these to positively impact the online community in the future?

John: I would love to do more positive projects! Honestly, I would even love to expand Coming Out Cards at some point so that I can get close to 15 or 20 total eCards.

Is this not the most awesome thing you’ve ever heard of in your life?! Go check them out here. And feel free to follow John Hansen at his Twitter: @AboredAuthor! You can also check out his personal website here.


6 thoughts on “PSA: Coming Out E-Cards

  1. THIS HAS TO BE LIKE THE SWEETEST THING EVER! To know there are people out there like this that are willing to go the extra mile and do something like this just blows my mind. And the best part, they’re cute AND funny! Bonus! šŸ˜‰

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