Do Book Hangovers Lead To Book Slumps?

On June 29th around 10 pm, Margot Wood asked the book community “Which is worse: Reading slumps or book hangovers?” To which we all answered (almost unanimously)—reading slumps. They make you not want to read and no matter where you are in the book world: a reader, a blogger, or other professional book person—that’s just sucky. How articulate of me.

Case: Margot Wood read her anticipated ARC—Six of Crows, and that lead to a book hangover.  Shortly thereafter, Margot falls into a reading slump. She finds herself having both. So she asks—do book hangovers lead to book slumps and says someone should do a 7th grade science project discovering this. Obviously, I had to investigate. I’m aiming to get my PhD in book medicine. (It’s an expanding field in the state of New York, see.)

Hypothesis: If book hangovers have you grieving over a book because of its excellence… then logically one could assume that this mourning would lead to a book person becoming ill; and not wanting to read. (The worst illness there is, truly.)

1. Read a good book or one that you expect to be good.
2. Analyze the tragic aftermath. (Please refer to Dr. Wesaun (ahem) or Dr. Margot if things get truly dire.)

*Oreos & Books is not liable for any damage that ensues.

Evidence: I tried this out myself while reading More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera.
It was so knock-your-socks-off fantastic that when I finished it June 10th; I didn’t pick up another novel until June 23rd. (Which was David Arnold’s Mosquitoland.) BUT I did want to read despite Adam’s talent…I just couldn’t because of upcoming state exams at the time.

Conclusion: Based on Margot’s case and my experience, we can all logically infer that book hangovers do lead to book slumps. In 1/2 readers per book, according to our two subjects.

Not every reader is affected the same way. It may depend on genre, author, writing style, and the reader’s susceptibility to catching this terrible illness. Stay safe, folks. Feel free to let me know your experience for my training.

Dr. Wesaun out.


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