Spreading Diversity in The Book Community

QUICK PSA: Gay YA is having a Twitter chat from 7-9 pm EST discussing More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera and None of The Above by I.W. Gregorio! It will be on JUNE 30th so please don’t miss a chance for amazing conversation!


On June 14 at 8-9 pm EST—there was a salient and stimulating conversation initiated by Nicole Brinkley (@nebrinkley on Twitter).

This conversation was under the Twitter hashtag #weneeddiverseblogs. Book bloggers-(both bloggers diverse and not diverse centered) came together to answer questions. They came together to discuss the struggle of being in a minority, the hate against certain minorities; and ways we could better spread diversity on our own blogs.

It was a beautiful moment. There were so many new perspectives brought to light that I and others hadn’t thought of before. At that given moment, all voices were being heard.

“Like, we can preach all we want to people who are already supportive, but until the reading community changes…”-Vee S., co founder of Gay YA.  I was talking to Vee about this, and what they said is so true.

There are millions of book people out there. I can spend all day writing and editing posts; and tweeting about diversity to those who will listen. The astute individuals who joined the #weneeddiverseblogs chat can do that as well. But if the book world doesn’t join together to make change, there won’t be any.

The #weneeddiverseblogs hashtag is progress. The publishing of diverse novels is progress. It just isn’t enough.

There isn’t much queer YA out there. There aren’t enough POC protagonists out there. We need to expand in all fields of diversity to actually get somewhere.

So, today, I ask you to answer Nicole’s questions in the comments below if you are interested, and if not at least I brought it your attention. Nicole’s question is: If I hosted another #weneeddiverseblogs, is there a particular topic y’all would like to focus on? (Review writing, networking, etc.) What’s YOUR answer to Nicole’s question? I implore you to answer the inquiry in the comments below.


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